Continuous practice of Thai male rubber ball & # 39; Get ready to advance to the Asian Championship round (clip)


Male Team Volleyball Team Practice in the multipurpose construction field. Cheng Zheng Secondary School, Taipei, Taiwan, April 21, 62, at 2 p.m. (local time is faster than 1 hour in Thailand) to prepare for the SMM volleyball tournament. Asia Finals 2019

Young Yang Army, Thailand representative End of first round, win 1, lose 2, have 4 points, score 3, group C, suspended, play, rotate 9-14 Rehearsing and preparing the body for the next round of competition I passed around 1 hour practicing

After completing the training, the Yoon coach revealed that the classification we have come to perform Because of the 3 day run, there was a blow with the ball focused on serving the ball and served On the body, the athlete looks refreshing. Because the morning is full of sleep And come and have a meal It may take some pain But no problem We also have physiotherapists. And always take care of each other Tomorrow is ready to play the next round.

For the Thai team, there are programs to meet with teams from Qatar, India and Kazakhstan, which is considered a tough match to face. While the team coach expressed satisfaction with the overall performance of the team. For the general image of the athlete And when practicing a bit to find a difficult opponent and earning 4 points, is considered a level while meeting in Singapore in the next round, of course, everyone has a chance to field But we would not underestimate the total

SMM Volleyball Tournament Asian Championships 2019, ranking 9-14, GS Cola Group (Thailand) will meet in Singapore on April 22 at 3pm, Tianmu Stadium, Gymnasium in Taipei, Taiwan, broadcast live by True ID and SMMTV



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