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Songkran is already closed … he would have to open the theater to watch the film.
That this week would have to ask permission to invite to watch the movie, Space-Saipong
What about that, because it might be enough to get into the atmosphere in the last few weeks?
That the scientists he led "Black hole"This should not be taken
But still using wood tools, using scientific techniques
Take it to see The kind of game that can be used by anyone, hilarious, almost all over the world …
But there must be some … that felt like It will come out like this.
Or even needing a lot of hilarity
Because the appearance of the shape is similar to the thread shape
It would not help enrich intelligence, gain clear knowledge and understanding.
What is so clear? The black hole is still a black hole."Space Puzzle"It is no different from other puzzles, regardless of type. "Dark matter"For the deep details of several stars This is still far from the knowledge A clear understanding of mankind will be many. And if you want to know I would like to understand the story so maybe you do not have to waste time looking out of space.
Maybe it is not But turned to look and explore and examine deeply "Ideas"Or "Faith"Of ourselves, without knowing … may have received a response Explanations for all the things that still need to be "Puzzle"Stay there again
As long as we can only "Human"Not the one who created the world Create a universe like"God"At where …
For this reason … this week, accepted. "To provide"When suggesting to try to bring the film during the year 1997 named "Contact"
Or interpret the Thai meaning What is communication What is a space movie that did not go out to the river Aliens emerge, chasing and chasing the hero – the heroine. Or type to border
Lively and probably not helped to enrich a lot of information.
But it's a movie that comes out in a similar way. "2001 A Space Odyssey" Or "2010 the year we do
Contact " This is the film that attempts to reflect perception and understanding.

About various puzzles in space Through the concept of creator beliefs or the plot of this genre …
For "2001 A Space Odyssey"This … depends on the concept The belief of a science fiction writer "Arthur C. Clarke" (Arthur C. Clark) used as a plot plot Those who do not carry a ladder to climb to see may have to be at least 3 days and 7 days, as is considered a scientific perspective. And religion mixed until birth
"Perfection" It has become a novel and this movie That should be considered"Classic" Much And probably not unlike history "Contact"This depends on the plot plot that is derived from the famous scientist remediation and science fiction writer as well. "Carl Sagan" (Carl Sagan) who wrote this story since 1985 And when the novel was adapted into a movie "Sagan"And the third wife called "Anne Druyan" (AnnDruyan) also volunteered to help solve the script. This movie
So it's considered a movie that is not enough to help enrich intelligence. That part is right or wrong. It's another story …
It's because of your character. "Carl Sagan" This … should be considered out of type "Scientist" From the beginning Or a crazy kind of science, obsessed with science since childhood Or since only 4 years old
When the father and mother were Jews Migrated from Ukraine to America to take a look at the so-called exhibition "1939 New York World's Fair"Held in New York
Seeing progress A step forward in the science of technology within the exhibition that makes you"Sagan" You got out of the way. "Madness of science"Since then, and when he grew up in high school Until the university level
You were angry with your science. He is the president of the school chemistry club, a doctor of science, astronomy With only 26 years, has academic performance Scientific Enormous quantity
Until he is in charge of becoming the president of the association American Association for the Advancement of Science " Or "AAAS" What is considered an organization that is not different from "Science Court"The same as

"Religious court"Of the medieval churches Or this is an organization that is ready to persecute anyone who does not believe in science
Not Thinking of Science Just as the Christians persecuted the magical wizard. "Religious court"Come on to burn until he's shy Old shit across Europe and America …
But later "Crazy gone" Or after age Including after being tortured by an illness that is difficult to treat"Cancer in the blood" It seems that the concept of your faith Carl Sagan " Changing Gradually to Make Scientific Beliefs It began to flow to meet the most obvious religious concepts
And make science fiction stories. "Contact"That this became a novel that brought scientific and religious perspectives
Mixed"Perfect"It is no different from romance "2001 A Space Odyssey"In"Arthur C. Clarke"For sure …
It is the story of a female scientist called "Dr. Elle" (Elenor "Ellie"Arroway, who works as an observer on the radio outside the world for the organization"SETI"Or an organization trying to capture the movement of extraterrestrial life
Located in Puerto Rico
Born to capture the contact of living creatures in stars called stars "Vega" (Vega), about 26 light-years from Earth, leading to the guidance of creation. "Spacecraft"To travel to this star And Dr. Elle, played by the second most beautiful female actress in the world (after Ingrid Bergman) is her younger brother "Jodie Foster"(Jody Foster)
He was selected as the first astronaut to travel with the spacecraft that the extraterrestrial beings of Vega suggest creating …
The purpose and the end of the story It is at this time.
Is that while the spacecraft began to drive By the feelings or thoughts of the DR"Elle" He was traveling out of the world through a complex spatial dimension for at least 18 hours until the opportunity to reach the stars

Under conditions not "Earth from Heaven"Something like that found something that appeared the same way that his father was born for a long time. Before traveling back to the world with knowledge Understanding that is visually Or for your own feelings but what pops into the eyes Or towards others or scientists observing the spacecraft, this time is when the spacecraft begins to boost R. Elle Caiu of the ship's ring
Within just "Few seconds"Just do not leave the world out of any space
This is … what is considered a summary of the thinking process of scientists "Carl Sagan" Before you died of cancer in the next few years or a summary that did what is called"Science"With
"Religion"Running together until the type is no different from "Confession before death"In "Carl Sagan"For sure …


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