Come to Thailand soon! OPPO 10 times zoom camera (10PO OPPO lossless zoom)


Come to Thailand soon! OPPO reveals the greatest experience with "10x zoom camera technology" (OPPO 10x zoom without loss)

Zoom without loss OPPO 10x

OPPO, the No. 1 smartphone brand in the fourth quarter of 2018, provided a great 10x zoom technology experience without losing details for the Thais.

OPPO launches 10x zoom technology without losing details (10x Technology without Zoom) at Mobile World Congress 2019, inspiring the world. Back to Mobile World Congress 2017

The OPPO pioneered the advancement of 5x zoom technology, essentially, OPPO invested in research and development to be the leader in this technology "10x Lossless Zoom Technology".

Zoom without loss OPPO 10x

What is the 10x lossless zoom?

OPPO has developed three cameras including "Ultra-Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto" in which the ultra wide-angle camera is comparable to the 16mm focus range which brings the capability of Exclusive to a wide-angle viewfinder The main camera, Ultra Clear Master, controls the quality of photos and telephoto cameras with an equivalent focus range of 160 mm When working with the "Peep-Up Frame", it supports zooming. High image magnification Can guarantee high quality photos Even if you shoot remotely

  • Telephoto zoom lens for sharpness and precision
  • The D-cut optical lens is introduced for the first time.
  • There is a Periscope Module to reduce the work area.
  • There is a combination of the Main Camera AF and Ultra-Wide Angle lens Motors in the same part. What helps to save space by 13% for telephoto lenses Within the Periscope Module, there is an OIS image stabilization system on the main camera and the telephoto lens. Means better than 73% of OPPO's best zoom technology, which allows users to take photos Easier in situations where movement is disturbing

Zoom without loss OPPO 10x

Benefit from 10x Lossless Zoom Technology

  1. The obvious results of the telephoto camera are clear images and long-distance shooting problems.
    Like in a concert scene, a panoramic atmosphere Can show the show clearly over the phone Without losing details or image quality
  2. Ensuring good shots and reducing hand shake problems OPPO has improved image stabilization ability. Using the ideal focal length to get the best composition
  3. The space inside the phone is compact. Interior design by a well-structured engineer And best use of phone space The phone is thinner Compared to larger devices and also designed to be easy to put in a pocket The pocket is enough.

OPPO has never stopped exploring new innovations, research and development investments at OPPO in 2019 with a budget of $ 1.5 billion. Or increased by 150% over last year By focusing on 5G, AI, photography, new material and product design, including loading
The new OPPO smartphone that comes with 10x Lossless Zoom technology will definitely be coming to Thailand soon!

Finally, OPPO is also focused on brainstorming power, so it launched the Bell Program in 2018 with an initial investment of $ 30 million. Support the development of new generation researchers For all industries including Stanford University New York University and other leading educational institutions cooperate in the exploration and development of different products for the benefit of the industry as well.

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