Combining the promotion of glass films at Thailand Mobile Expo 2019, BITEC Bangna


Near Thailand Mobile Expo 2019, which will be held at BITEC Bangna on 7 – 10 February. Today, WhatPhone hasFull glass reduction in this event Let's leave each other up.


  • Smart phone glass protector from only 250 baht. There are various types to choose from, be light, frosted, fingerprint protected, strong, special, full screen, 3D, curved, full glue and many
  • Transparent protection glass for Tablet from only 590 baht
  • With a focus of 350 baht, stay free! Microfiber cloth Clean the screen more
  • Stay focused, win for free! Many rewards (Bring the bill to win the prize)
  • Registration for the 100 baht discount booth (according to the conditions)
  • Meet at the Focus M19 booth

Hi shield

hishield TME 2019 FEB

  • Film / glass protector up to 80%
  • I'll see you at booth M17.



  • Glass protector up to 70%
  • Glass protector from just 99 baht (not full screen)
  • With a 399 baht glass, get the right to buy BH106 speakers at a price of 100 baht !!
  • Meet at PM1 / M18 and M19 Hall 98-99


Gorilla TME 2019 FEBRUARY

  • Screensaver from just 50 baht
  • Protects from glass / film up to 80%
  • With a discount coupon of 200 baht

Gorilla TME 2019 FEB Huawei Nova 4

  • There is a complete adhesive glass film from the latest version of Huawei Nova 4. Available on the first event !!
  • GORILLA Booth: Booth 111 – 118


dapad TME 2019 FEBRUARY

  • Full-screen protection glass, from just 49 baht (usually 149 baht)
  • Receive 50% off film / glass protection according to participating models.
  • Meet at the M13 booth

P.A. Telephone

PA Telephone TME 2019 FEBRUARY

  • Tempered glass film for all models, only 79 baht
  • Meet the P.A.PHONE booth at BITEC Bangna Hall 98-99 next to IT CITY



  • Glass film Ready, great price
  • Meet at the PM10 booth

And you can follow other promotions within the Thailand Mobile Expo 2019 (7-10 February) at BITEC Bangna in

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