Combining the best celebrity celebrity images on the mat META GALA 2019


Combining the best celebrity celebrity images on the mat META GALA 2019

What is Met Gala?

Known Gala It's an annual money-making party to attend the costume institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, held in The met Metropolitan Museum of Art in the United States, each year has a different theme. The celestial actors will compete in fanfare, makeover, give the palace a magnificent theme. And not least in front of the global fashion party

When is the Met Gala organized?

Job MET GALA It will be held the first Monday of May Every year This year falls on May 6, 2019, with this year's theme is "Camp: Notes on Fashion" inspired by the writings of Susan Sontag In 1964, the song was not so prolix. Going to see each other better than the other. What hair come from?

Kacey Musgraves Dress up like a barbie in a cool pink dress. But this dress is new, Lady Gaga is cooler, bigger, full, full of stairs.

Combining the best celebrity celebrity images on the carpet MET GALA 2019 | News by The Thaiger

05 Meet Gala 2019_Lady Gaga

65 Met Gala 2019 ¸ ¸ à¸,¹ ‰ à¸à¸³à¸³à¸¸ ± ± "

Model Emily Ratajkowski Wearing a sexy cut-out dress, nude and silver-colored Dundas, wearing jewels with crystals and feather heads by House of Malakai

09 Met Gala 2019_Serena Williams

Tennis queen Serena Williams This year she chose to use Versace. Comes with Nike sneakers

Combining the best images of the category Celebrities on the carpet MET GALA 2019 | News by The Thaiger "src ="

Cardi B Comes in a blood-colored evening dress with a fish tail, a 10 foot radius and uses over 35 lives. Make this set of Jon Brown dresses.

Combining the best images of the category Celebrities on the carpet MET GALA 2019 | News by The Thaiger "src ="

Most creatures should give Jared Leto This invested its own head, holding the rug

19 Met Gala 2019_¸ £ ูà¸> à¹à¸ã¸Ã¹¹¸¸à¸ £ ์ภ£ à¸μà¹

Young Harry Come on the Gucci brand that looks chic with Unisex. Wear black lace pants and pearl earrings.

45 Gala of Metaturation 2019

Katy Perry With her Chandler

14 Met Gala 2019_Billy Porter

Billy Porter Full of Gold Wings and Bodysuits Inspired by Egypt

25 Met Gala 2019_Celine Dion

Well in the legend Celine Dion Comes in a series of curtain lines and silver color machines. Oscar de la Renta feather heads carry hundreds of beads for over 3,000 hours.

Met 2019 Gold Gala

Raise money for someone else with the hip-hop singer. Jennifer Lopez Comes in sexy Versace style cut, Queen Creopatra.

57 Met Gala 2019 ¹¹ ¹¹ ๹ ‰ à¸ààุ ± ""

Get the fastest sounds on the job, always with the Kadian and Jenner families.

55 Met Gala 2019_Joe Jonas Sophie Turner

Newly married Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner comes on set Louis Vuitton, with a set of cool colors, cut the black floor

54 Met Gala 2019_Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra

Nick's sister, Nick, has no wife. Priyanka Chopra Make an impression with a colorful feather skirtDior Haute Couture Show off the sexy top with a silver frame I accept with a dress that has an Indian style that appeals to a Dior Men's wife and silver shoes.

Gala Met 2019_Elle Fanning anning๠¸ à¸à¸³à¸à ± ภ±

Al Fanning, using the Miu Miu brand, shows the nails that are made to look chic.

67 Met Gala 2019_Lupita Nyong & # 39; o

After 2 years missing lupita nyong & o Come back with a colorful Versace dress paired with Bulgari jewelry, a hairstyle with a golden comb.

64 Met Gala 2019_Zendaya à¸ààà,๠‰ à¸à¸³à¸à¸¸ ± ุ "

Actress Zendaya Appeared in black But as he walked up the stairs to his stylist, Law Roach nodded to his team and shifted his Tommy Hilfiger costume to a distinctive light blue dress like Princess Cinderella.

28 Met Gala 2019 ¹¹ ¹¹ ๹àà¸à¸³à¸¸ ± ""

Jordan Roth The owner of Brodway Theater comes in a large set of embroidery, filled with luxurious theater projects.

31 Met Gala 2019_Saoirse Ronan à ¸ àà¸à¸³à ± ภ±

Saoirse Ronan In the elegant sequins of Gucci

70 Met Gala 2019_Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan from Crazy Rich Asians Poses with Tom Ford, the designer behind the impressive dress embroidered with cloak and headdress.

34 Met Gala 2019_Darren Criss

Darren Criss Distinctive with blue makeup Reminiscent of the painting of the Egyptian god And write a red line on the lower lip

63 Met Gala 2019_ Cara Delevingne

Must break Delevingne's face Come in an attractive rainbow dress And the upper head machine Dior Haute Couture

21 Met Gala 2019_Hamish Bowles à, à¸à¸³à¸³à¸¸ ± ± "

It's not called Vogue editor-in-great Bowles Hamish Covered with a pink leash, fringed with a feather cut by Maison Margiela

01 Met Gala 2019_Anna WIntour

Rigged work MET GALA And Vogue magazine comes in pink and embroidered flowers and feathers from the Channel

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