Chatuphon Jai, the prime minister, clearly responded to remind Suthep of awakening the masses themselves. Also wake up in front too


National Party Campaign in Bang Khen, Don Mueang and Chatuphon Big Jie, clearly responding to government officials or public figures, ready to alert "Suthep" to wake up their own masses In addition to waking up the masses of their own parties too

On March 1, party leaders from the National Party led by Aree Kraikara, dr. Vichotiwano, the party's deputy leader and Dr. Ruud Bunthan, spokesman for the Phuea Chaichan Party Election Center, along with Jatuporn. Phromphan, President of the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship or UDD as field campaign assistant in Bangkok, Bang Khen District Bourne meeting 3 public campaign in the Excelsior market and professor Ms. Kuda Rutgers University Mis hierarchical candidates Don Muang Khong No. 7 market atmosphere is very lively.

Mr. Chatuporn said of the area in Bang Khen And Don Mueang District In recent days, if in what area will people give more answers, respectively? Who personally told the members of the House of Representatives that the diligence that met with the people would often make people understand and sympathize. To decide on a single card system, meeting people once is not enough without having to spend a lot of budget But as a campaign to knock on the door of every home, every opportunity to speak to the touch. If done completely He believes that difficult things will become easy. Both Don Mueang There are many brothers and sisters in red shirts who have fought with UDD to help the National Party candidates in this area act together.

Mr Jatuporn mentioned in the case on March 7 that the Constitutional Court will decide whether to dissolve the National Party of Thailand or not. And he is unhappy with the fact that any political party will be dissolved during the election campaign But it all depends on the decision of the Constitutional Court So he wants to encourage friends who are in the National Party of Thailand.

However, yesterday he came to criticize the case of Suthep Thaugsuban, the co-founder of the Thai Power Party. Announced to the Thai people to choose between the Thaksin regime With the Thai side by Mr. Suthep coming out to respond to it Not important And did not give that price, he did not know that Suthep Thaugsuban would be the person with the price Or is it important? Because in the last 5 years, Suthep has to admit that It is the cause of the taking of power Take the country into dictatorship, causing difficulties.

The fact that Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban wakes the people on their own side When trying to explain this Today, the Thais have to choose Thailand, which Suthep tries to compare as if In Thailand And pushing other parties that are not from Suthep It is the regime of Thaksin That the regime of Thaksin does not exist It is only the commandment of the word to give oneself the opportunity of his. Then he warned Mr. Suthep that Mr. Suthep Wake up with his own masses In addition to waking up to the masses of their own parties too So if Mr. Suthep Still does not stop, will explain the punch People will make easier decisions.

Mr Jatuporn mentioned that The Electoral Commission or the Electoral Commission of Thailand allowed General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister and the Head of the NCPO to assist the Prachatharaphon Power Party by stating that Gen. Prayut has already aided the State Party of Pracharat to campaign every day Not just campaign time currently Talking through the list of happy nights Or any action More than a campaign that every political party came to raise hands to ask for points of people in the area. So there's nothing shocking. People will be Prime Minister Must decide to campaign together from the beginning of the day. General Prayut is a public person. Or as a government official Because if you are not a government official, the country will be occupied And where there is no public Will ask the administration of the country

Mr. Jatuporn mentioned the case of the National Legislative Assembly or NIA by drafting the cybernetic law without expressing objections from the same member. Personally, asking back What is this dictator? And it is a clear reflection that Dictatorship that comes from the taking of power There is often a claim at the time when the country is democratic. A dictatorial parliament So if it is a dictator who acts in the administration And dictators who served in the legislative branch These are people who are not of the people. Therefore, it does not seem to reflect the truth, suffering from the people.

And the term dictatorship was constituted by the parties that lost the election But by considering the outline of this cybernetic law Reflects that more The dictatorship of the parliament is a military dictatorship that ruled the country for more than 5 years, even when there was an election campaign. Still acting and passing laws that affect the rights and freedoms of people with no single voices So, we should all go to the election because the election will do There are always parties of the government and the opposition. That is different from the government that comes from the coup, the only one is the dictator and the nominee or the real authority is the head of the NCPO.

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