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Busy Heart Golf Launches New Love Kwan Sirikwan

How do American actor visas go?

Golf Pitchaya: Now ask if you want to go. If there is an opportunity to do the casting, then do it already. But now the drama in Thailand has two stories.

Do not regret?

Golf Pitchaya: The golf visa is 3 years old, and lastly, golf will fetch some jobs in America. It's a singing job.

Also, did you contact the cast to cast?

Golf Pitchaya: There are no foreigners coming to visit us. We'll have to race for it, but at the moment, as you can see golf, golf – Four, and have sponsors. There are also two Thai dramas that have been accepted. Before going to golf, I would like to do our port Give a lot, then send 'Cause it's a short day If it's not good, it will leave. I would like to sculpt here forever, taking all our jobs with as much as can be used internationally Most will only have Thai jobs. But there will be a place to play with English crabs.

Have you consulted Mike Piroh?

Golf Pitchaya: There is some talk, now we are studying Chinese. We also want to learn. But in America The ambition of all is already But one thing we can achieve is English It will be advantageous in this area. Time to Launch Regularly It's the opportunity to run to meet him too.

Within this year?

Golf Pitchaya: This golf is still not able to say. But after these two moves Golf also aims to try seriously.

When the filming ended?

Pitchaya Golf: Must Open Camera Next Month

Visa expired for 3 years and can be easily renewed?

Golf Pitchaya: If during this time we work Can continue To talk with friends who work there The dream never ends. Although we are old For example, here is the age. Must be a father But there is not

Is there any agency there?

Golf Pitchaya: If it is serious, it should be But now, like a golf leg, between Thailand and America I tried to take the time to play it there too, but I would like a good plan before moving on

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