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At 5:30 p.m. on April 19, Dr. Arun Suebsinghang, Vice-Inspector (Investigation) of the Phayathai Police Station received a fire report at the National Cancer Institute, Rama VI Road, Thung Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok . Therefore, coordinate the fire truck of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Bangkok Before going to check with the in.Lt. Col. Bawornphop Sunthornrek, deputy director of the Chor Police Station. Phayathai

The scene is inside the building, analyzing the cancer treatments. That has a height of 9 floors, the first floor is part of the center of the crib. Radiation Treatment Group E Welfare Shop, National Cancer Institute, Level 2-9, is a Patient Room The team found smoke and light from the store. From the first floor welfare store, therefore, should expedite the evacuation of patients from the building. So the official was to use the water to extract the fire. Which took about 15 minutes, the fire was at peace with the examination and found that the fire burned the warehouse. Approximately 15 square feet of space and the products in the store are all damaged. Without any casualties or deaths

From asking about the staff of the Cancer Institute who was working at the time of the incident that the fire shop had closed since 16:00 hrs. And also found a group of smoke coming out of the store When to visit Found a fire in the pantry Hospital security officer And the staff of the crib near the scene, helping to use water And more than 20 fire extinguishers to inject The fire and smoke groups have faded. But later the fire rose again. Therefore, need to coordinate the fire truck to help initially expected to be caused by short-circuit current

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On the side of Captain Arun, he said that after that, the race coordinator will come to check the scene to find the cause of the fire completely. Due to the incident, the shop closed So no one is inside the shop Including coordinating the staff of the welfare store to check and evaluate the value of the damage


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