Brunei strengthens execution of gay executions on April 3 at UN and George Clooney


Brunei Brunei applies gay execution law

Brunei imposes gay executions on April 3, while UN and George Clooney bribe – BBC Thailand

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is the latest objection to the implementation of the Penal Code, which it amended to have severe penalties for Brunei.

Michelle Bachlet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, issued a statement urging the Brunei government to restrict the application of the Penal Code, which has been amended to have more severe penalties, such as the death penalty, by placing stones on men who have the sexual behavior. And Misconduct Pointing to a cruel, inhumane and inhuman law that violates international human rights law

This Shari's law will take effect on April 3 in addition to the above offenses. It also imposed a death sentence for serious offenders, such as rape, in which Muslims have sex outside of marriage, assault and blasphemy to the Prophet Muhammad etc.

There is also a public punishment for abortion. Cutting the theft Including determining that Muslim children can experience religion and other beliefs beyond Islam is illegal

Brunei is considered another country that still has the death penalty. But in practice No execution has been carried out since 1957. In 2014, Brunei was the first East Asian country to apply Islamic law or Islamic law. That has been widely criticized

"I urge the Brunei government to restrict the use of a cruel new criminal code, which will create a tremendous decline in the protection of Brunei's human rights if it is met," she said in a statement, noting that many UN human rights agencies expressed concerns about the chapter. Cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment for human dignity Provided in this law

In addition, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has also emphasized that international human rights law often applies the death penalty only to the crime of homicide. Or intentionally kill others After an evaluation that is in full compliance with the specified procedure

She also pointed out that this law also encourages the violation of rights and discrimination against women, sexual orientation and other minorities in Brunei.

"Human rights and religion are not opponents In fact, it is a human interpretation that causes tension. Therefore, it is important that government religious organization and civil society must work together to promote human dignity and equality for all people, said Bashlet.

News of this law enforcement has caused criticism from many parties such as Amnesty International issued a statement urging the authorities of Brunei Immediately stop this plan of cruel and inhuman punishment

George Clooney does not ask for support. The Brunei chain of hotels

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While last week, famed Hollywood actor George Clooney and human rights activists urged society to boycott nine luxury hotels associated with Brunei to protest against the preparation of this violent law. Especially the law against male behavior

Clooney wrote in the column Deadline Entertainment: "Brunei is a country with a king as head of state. And of course, the boycott would have little effect on changing this law … but will we really pay for these human rights violations?"

He stated that the Dorchester Collection hotel in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Italy such as the Beverly Hills Hotel In Los Angeles Belong to the Investment Office in Brunei Which has the King of Brunei as the owner

"I used to stay in those hotels … but I did not find the information, so I did not know who the owner was," Clooney said in the article.

"Every time we stay or go to a meeting or have dinner at these 9 hotels, we are putting money in the bags of men who choose to use the stone or tie it to kill their people."

In 2014, famous artists such as Ellen D. Genery and Stephen Fry announced the boycott of this business group in the case of Brunei enforcing laws against same-sex lovers.

The Consular Affairs Department has announced to alert the Thai people to travel to Brunei. Or residing in Brunei Know the penalties of such violent laws And ask to strictly enforce the laws and avoid committing crimes


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