Boiling fight! Security guards, kicks, necks, parties, age 60, blood face


February 6, 2019 at 06:56 a.m.


Caused a fight between security personnel With security officers at a department store in Chonburi Province Causing 60-year-old parties to have blood lesions to face

Security Officer, Chaloem Phra Kaeo, Chonburi Province
Mueang Chon Buri Police Station Police Check the underground parking area of ​​a department store. Because of the attack of the 19-year-old security guard, a 60-year-old security guard, to a severe face injury, and bruises on the body

The wounded said he was beaten by a 19-year-old man using kicks and banging on his neck. Even falling in front of the mortar floor until it was erased despite the fact that there had never been a conflict Accountant to the testimony of the cause Affirming that while he was on duty waving the car, a man of 60 years came abusing That work Beyond of accusing him of drug addiction with anger, therefore, using violence to attack the parties

CCTV captures the fighting scene in Chanthaburi Province.
In the province of Chanthaburi CCTV from a store Captured while two men walked to the motorcycle park from an entertainment venue. So there were no less than 4 physically fit men following him. With a glass bottle in his hand As the two sides spoke to each other, suddenly a man used a glass bottle to hit the face of one of the parties. Until a fight In that incident, a person was seriously injured and the injured person was reported to the police. Muang Chanthaburi Police Station To track the cause of the crime The preliminary assumption is caused by disgust at entertainment venues.

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