Boiling again! Challenge people to see Pookie's house. It was used to live in the same village – but moved


Boiling again! Challenge people to see Pookie's house. It was used to live in the same village – but moved

Pookkie / After the arrest of Pookie, the gay past, the singer, like the 90's is engaged in drugs. With a huge centerpiece in the Ramindra area of ​​Bangkok, with employees attached to young fans. Before expanding the results, he found 3 young stars and 1 girl model, possibly related and connected to Pookie.

From the investigation, some celebrities have transferred money to Pookie's account many times. Checking whether you are connected to this network or not

Recently, the model of the famous Yoyotwadee Hassadeevichit posted a statement on Facebook describing this hot topic. After asking himself, there was a name involved, stating that

"What news channel took the name Yeo to get involved in the case of Pookie's case?" There is a lot of irritation if we talk together.I lived in this village for 4 years, peaceful, there are no stories, but 10 dogs do not like anyone. never talked to each other. Do not like to interfere with others "

"This house was sold for a year until it was new, challenging if someone sees a class coming in and going out of the house, I do not know where the house is, village, no toilet collided easily, I have a short letter, "This kind of news, do not get the class to interfere. Sports lovers are not addicted to drugs !!!"

In addition, Yosot Wadi also posted additional posts on Facebook and AIG personally on this subject. "# Let's ask, 2 days ago There was only chaos Trying to stand still but the subject is not calm and it's a great tip From 1 mouth to 10 mouths But that should be said because it starts to affect the happiness itself. Will come sit and pick up the phone, solve the news, do not ask to do Will write here and finish Because they are not involved in this case. "

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Later Pookie was arrested for drug addiction and had many abbreviations Some news agencies write as knowing very well, models of actresses who live in this village. Get in and out of Pookie's house regularly and have a connection to drug trafficking cases !! Actually, I can only think about it. Not angry, but very sad Because from life, it does not seem difficult to be involved! Which news channel, which the publishers adopted the name of Yoko, was linked to Pookie's case? Want to have a little ethics Being a person who is not informed can be considered threatened like that. I had been in this village for 4 years, everyone knows well, peaceful life with no stories. Raising only 10 dogs Dislike pretending to no one Neighbors never talked to each other. Does not like to interfere with other people

It is important to note that this house has been sold for years so far, moving to a new location, and then challenging anyone to see Yo coming out of Pookie's house. I do not know where the house is. Just know when it's news This is a village, not a bathroom. It will collide easily Private, never known Be a singer from the same time. A brief letter, I want you to make a person's life fall into this bad news. Do not you sympathize with some sympathy?

Yo is an athlete with sponsor support. Go to compete overseas, build a good reputation for our home. It would not lead me to such things. But today I have to sit and pick up the phone all day with very low stories. If the information obtained is so Say, you probably can not catch it.

Requesting this type of news Who is the model in the news, who is not aware of this, but not yo.Bos, sports lovers are not addicted to drugs !!! Please, considerate. That what you see is possible! Regarding work No effect The sponsor recognizes Yoda's identity. Check blood health over After that, if there is another link will be processed according to law. # Do not talk to each other, enjoy the mouths of other people's suffering.

Read the news, open the clip for a minute, get Pookie and her husband confess to provide hidden pill.

Read extraordinary news! Opened a new story of Pookkie Unfold the origin of hell before being caught.


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