Wednesday , June 16 2021

Big Tony believes that the Thai football team will be able to fight against the Chinese in the eighth Asian Cup.

Big Tony believes Thailand's national football team will have a chance to win the Chinese team in the eighth Asian Cup.

"Big Tony" Kitisak Champathipong Thai national team director Aim the round ball What can happen in a single game? Trust in the team, if the form is like the last two games, have the chance to make history through the 8 final teams.

After the "elephant of war" team, the Thai team moved to the final 16 teams to be Group A No. 2 seed in the final round of the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates. On Sunday, January 20, 62, this time Thailand statistics are still secondary after having met in the official game before 26 times, and it is China that has won 17 times, 5 times, while Thailand can only win 4. Only

The latest "Big Tony" Kitisak Champathipong Director of the Thai national team Revealed to competitors that this round "We have an old technical department that is still in the team that he analyzes for the analysis of the game." Analyze the competitors To coordinate to talk to "Coach Toi "and" Coach Luck "as well as in the match that South Korea met China in the final match of the group stage" Toei Coach "had to look at the opponent's shape to the edge Must see the strengths and weak China's To be used to adjust the tag for our team, for sure. "

"To get to know China, I think it should be better than knowing South Korea because South Korea went to the World Cup almost every day.Then I think I found China.What is easier But in the end, I must say that the soccer ball always happens More a single ball I believe that if the children do the same as the last two games Everyone is encouraged And everyone fights in the field and has confidence I believe that we have the opportunity to pass "said the director of war elephants.

For the last 16 teams in the "Asian Cup 2019" during the national team meeting of Thailand with the Chinese national team, will compete on Sunday January 20, 62 at the Hassi Bin Sayid Stadium. , Al Ain at 21:00, Thailand time Live broadcast on Channel 7

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