Bella picks up her ears, clarifies. The Fallow reveals that Mickey is bloody because of stress.


Secretly having a little drama When the young heroine Bella – Ranee Kampen Request to withdraw from drama Two affection From the camp of the Makers Group Alleged that the script was a heavy character for twins Who worried that this would affect health after having symptoms of blood pee But there are people who realize that the organizers of the drama JA-YOSSINI So angry that the instagram of Bella Immediately, however, after that, the young organizer came out to clarify that the hand had not been planned but still wondering if really?

For the last time he met Bella Come and join the launch of the healthy vitamin C presenter "C-Vitt (C-Vitt)" at Paragon Park Paragon. I asked about it. JA-YOSSINI, the one who falls in love, finds this because we get away from the drama of the younger brother, Jet-Natthapong, about "two caresses", right?

"Bel already talked to brother Ja It's seen in the post Comments Comments And phone conversation It's nothing Still talking about having a meal And we talked about whether there was a job Or have other projects Would have known each other to work together because like Jae Jae, Jae Aum is a house that Bel works with. Still a daughter

Do you believe in the news that Brother Jang An Fall, why are you excited by your brother?

"Anyway, Khun Ja said Bel Believe Nothing At first I knew that when I posted it Because of us You will continue to see the picture It's nothing, if you love normally Do not feel attracted to anything."

Jet said that Bella was sick, bloody, so withdrawn from the drama?

"Bel did not show up at the beginning because Bel did not want everyone to worry.We filmed two dramas for 4-5 years in a row.And I found stress here Bel talked to all the adults and talked to the organizers.Then I did not want to talk He worries that everyone will worry too. "

This is normal?

"Now I have to take care of it again, because it just happened. We're not worried that we work hard. It's that we still work as before. But if emotions or stress can be milder

As the older brother said When there is news that we pee with blood?

"He's very aware of the symptoms already. I was worried."

Finally, did we play with the elder Weir in Aig?

"I kept teasing him, there's nothing to say about him, he's very good, we play."

Sweet drops every day?

"It's not sweet, normal."

Does this Valentine have a plan?

"Not yet.What is the day It still works?" (Laughter) "

I saw the last expensive ROMs Send a destination story (Buphaphonniwat, Part 2).

"It's up to many things, but I think Nong Nong wants it as fast as possible."


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