Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United: Gathering 5 hot questions after the game


5. The possibility of the game

The Red Devils began to be incredibly exciting. And they almost created a turning point in Marcus Rashford's chances, including Scott McMinney, but in the end that did not happen.

After a few moments, Barcelona was able to assemble their own game before being denied a VAR penalty. Ashley's continued error was punished by Lionel. Finally, and the game ended after that.

Ole Kunnar Solcha's side were unable to accelerate the pace after being quickly hit by 2 goals in the first half when the center of Barza was dominated. In addition, in the end, the soccer team of Azul Rana was taken to play.

4. The De'kaa error

One of the best places in the world lost an incredible loss in the game, pointing to the death of the team at Camp Nou, with the rhythm of Messi's kick missed in the second goal. His body entered the door.

The best excuse we can have for him is Dekia: Unexpectedly, Messi will shoot with his right foot with the ball that leaps on the level of the shuttle but not far from his body, causing a spill. Take the ball unrelated to the key man's shot.

3. Messi without artificial

After a quiet first match at Old Trafford Star, Lionel Messi showed that he is still one of the best players in the world to play in this game

Messi is involved with all 3 goals that occurred when the man took the ball to the pendant to pass through the hands of David De Gea in the first two balls (although the second goal will be part of the error DeKa). start of the third goal passing the ball from the center of the field and Philippe Coutinho firing at the end

Messi still dominates the ball firmly. Seduce players by touching the legs of Red Devil players several times so they look like adults playing soccer with kids like that.

2. Ashley is still fine.

After showing disappointing form in the first leg game at Old Trafford when the cross did not hit the target once This 33 year old Fullback was rocked to the left and became the team clown again.

Full responsibility With the first goal the team lost when they regretted the ball To play hard on the support line until Barcelona players enter the pressure to lose the ball to Lionel Messi enter the door at the end. After that, the officer also showed that the mistake was frustrating many times.

It may still do well when finding a potential inferior opponent But apparently he is no longer able to handle the high level of football

1. The difficult moment of the red devil waiting

So far, the Red Devils have won 5 matches from their last 7 games and Olekunnar Solsa is in a bad shape overall.

The most worrying thing is that the Red Devils have a heavy game in the Premier League and Everton is off duty this weekend. Followed by a duel with Manchester City (home), Chelsea (homecoming) and final Huddersfield (visit) with Cardiff (home)

Interesting that the next 3 games are dangerous, from now on, may have the right to aim the Red Devils in the top four and Seoul Shaya will be able to bring back the team.

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