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Bank and Olafsen launch PlayStation Nine at 58 Venice Venice

Bank and Olafsen and Beoplay A9, 2019, the latest innovation in wireless speakers Which is widely regarded as the work of combining the best sound quality with the most advanced and unique aesthetic design

The B-Play Aine was designed in 2012 as a wireless home speaker system. By being able to blend in with the furniture beautifully Or even put a single set is unique and unique. Can be placed on a 3-legged wooden stand or hung on the wall according to preference To add charm to the sound of clear, bright but still strong and resonant You can easily control the operation by sliding your hand on the front surface to adjust the volume or tap to skip music, play music, and stop music comfortably

The latest version of PlayStation Nine comes with many innovations and new designs that are more fascinating.

· With the ability to work with Google Voice Assistant, B-Play Aine is one of the most powerful wireless speakers. Enabling users to easily operate with voice

· Active Room Compensation technology improves the sound quality due to the room environment And deliver the lightest sound possible in every room in your home

· The B-Play Enine adds 2 full-featured speakers on the back. (With a total of up to 7 drivers) to offer a wide and impressive range of sounds

· Install a new, more powerful streaming device. To increase performance faster, like working with Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2 devices

· With attention to detail, the new PlayStation Nine is completely beautiful. Comes with braided wire[1] That is beautifully designed, elegant and exquisite everywhere

Price and location for sale

Beoplay A9 is presented in white shades with oak stands. And black tone with black walnut wood stand In addition, there are special models, bronze tones and special models, brass colors, allowing customers to choose their own color scheme. Along with various shades of fabric options from the famous brand of Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat And choose a wooden cart according to your favorite style Interested parties can visit the product Boo Play Aine in the Bank and Olafsen stores in the following agencies: Bang & Olufsen Gaysorn Village, Bang & Olufsen Crystal Veranda, Bang & Olufsen Many major retailers including King Power, Dotlife, Munkong Gadget, Digital Lab, Siam Discovery, Power Mall, and online distribution channels at, Lazada , Shopee, and, which will be available from mid-June at a price of 109,000 baht for tones and black and white prices. 119,000 baht for special models, bronze tones and special models, brass tones

You can request more information and follow the news at:

way @bangolufsen Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using # beoplayA9

Product launch announcement at the 58th Venice Biennale

Bank and Olaf Jensen were selected as representatives for the installation of a new generation of B-Playin speakers on the four floors of the Ca & # 39; D'Oro building, which was built since the year .1430 to present the beauty of this last speaker and served as broadcasting throughout the exhibition Dysfunctional by Carpenter's Workshop Gallery, which completely breaks the line between art and design. With the presentation of more than 30 works of art expressing an excellent artistic blend Compatible with utility and advanced craftsmanship And was honored by 17 famous artists to discuss the link between the building of the gadoo Which is a historical architecture and a center of masterpieces Belgian and Flemish Including many contemporary designs With leading artists and companies such as Rick Owens, Atelier Van Lieshout, Studio Drift, Maarten Baas, Nacho Carbonell, Vincent Dubourg, Verhoeven Twins and Virgil Abloh came to present this work as well.

Ca 'D'Oro, Fondamenta Trapolin, 3932, 30121 Venice

May 8 through November 24, 2019

Monday: 9am to 2pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm

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