BAAC Research Center predicts farm prices in April 62


Mr. Somkiat Kimawa, Deputy Manager of the Agricultural and Agricultural Cooperatives Bank (BAAC) released the situation of agricultural commodity prices in April 2019, prepared by the BAAC Research and Development Center, and it is expected that agricultural commodity prices which may increase include corn and moisture. Not finished 14.5% of the price will increase compared to the previous month by 0.50% -1.50% at the price of 8.08-8.16 baht per kilo Due to the partial production of corn after the rice has been damaged by dry during harvesting Causing output to decline on the market While domestic demand has increased due to reduced imports of wheat for animal feed production

While gross rubber sheet prices will increase by 0.38% -7.48% over the previous month, at 43.49-46.57 baht per kilo Why is the deciduous rubber season Farmers stop hitting rubber Together with the climatic conditions of drought that affect the amount of latex that can be harnessed Therefore, the production for the market is smaller. The price of tapioca will increase slightly from the previous month by 0.46% -3.70% to the price from 2.17-2.25 baht per kilo. Due to the end of the harvest Output to the market decreases. But demand is still constant And the export price is likely to increase As a result, farmers can sell their products at a higher price and the price of pigs will increase 0.09% -0.84% ​​over the previous month, to 66.50-70.00 baht per pound. Due to increased demand for pork to enter the Songkran festival together with the hot weather, resulting in slow growth of pigs, resulting in reduced production to the market

Agricultural products that will have lower prices That is, 15% humidity in rice, the price will decrease compared to the previous month by 0.46% -1.85% at the price of 7,423-7,526 baht per tonne Because the baht has a tendency to rise and the second exit of rice is gradually coming out to the jasmine rice market. Prices will fall 1.09% -3.37% over the previous month by 15,231-15,593 baht per ton As the baht tends to strengthen, the price of long grain rice will decline from the previous month by 0.93% -4.35%, at the price of 9,985-10,322 baht per tonne, due to the production of sweet rice. The second crop is gradually being released to the New York market, with a fall of 0.50% -1.00% from the previous month, at a price of 12.60 to 12.67 cents per pound weight. (8.81-8.86 baht per kilo) because India will export raw sugar to Iran in March and May That was sold to Iran for the first time in 5 years

While Iran is facing food supply problems under US sanctions Together with the Indian government plans to provide a loan of $ 3.2 billion To sugar factories and refine sugar factories Therefore, stimulate sugar production in India and will result in increased sugar production in the world. Oil palm prices will decline from the previous month by 0.93% -2.33% at the price of 2.10-2.13 baht per kilogram. Due to the continuous increase in palm oil production for the market But the need for constant use Resulting in a lot of crude palm oil And white shrimp, the price of shrimp will decline from the previous month by 3.33% 6.67% at the price of 140-145 Baht per kilo As expected The amount of production in the world market continues to increase continuously. Making the price of shrimp vannamei worldwide shrink Partly as a result of the government of India and Vietnam, it called on farmers to increase production, which resulted in the price of Thai shrimp Vannamai being pressed and the price dropped.

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