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ASEAN Couple Matches for 2017 Thailand wins championship 14 Yellow Duel


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2017 & # 39; & # 39; elephant battle & # 39; to win the 14th ASEAN Championship & # 39; yellow shirts & # 39; Malaysia November 11, 14.00 Thai time for this game was good news when & # 39; & # 39; Chaiwat & # 39; back flat to help the team & # 39; Pulp & # 39; it is not surprising the candidates from Malaysia. Thai meditation should be good.

The movement of the national futsal team. There will be a knock in the finals. The 2018 ASEAN Futsal Championship meets the Malaysian national team. This is a pairs game in 2017, which Thailand won by 4 to 3. This match will be held on November 11 at 2pm local time, which is equal to Thailand, United Kingdom Yar. Yogyakarta

"Elephants battle for a small table" is preparing to win the 14th championship under the command of Jose Maria Paco Mendes or "Pilipinas". The team beat the host of Indonesia. In the semi-finals, asthma picked up by 3-2, this match has been good news when Chaiwat Chamakh pays one of the team's top players. Get rid of the game ban to find Indonesia again to help the team again. While other players He is ready to play the first 5 players of Thailand's national team who must use the same set of games found in Indonesia, including Kanitsa Bhapan, Ronald Suwongwong, Navin Ratanawongsawat and Muhammad Uthman Musa, with Jadada Chuddej, the captain of the team in this program, threw seven goals and glorified Chalerm Kirin, who scored for the team during the finals. This will change the rotation.

"It's no surprise that Malaysia can beat Vietnam and pass the final successfully." Because it is known that all four teams in the semifinal. They are equally strong and capable of hitting each other at any time. The meeting with Malaysia, of course, is a difficult game for us, even in the last two games, both in Thailand and Thailand, we will win forever. This game last year, beat it by 4-3, but it is all in the past, this game we have to focus more. For the chance to win the 14th.

Chunyong Head of the Malaysia coach of the yellow shirts. The show was excellent after winning three rounds in the group stage. Before defeating Vietnam in the penalty shootout 7-6 always in the 2-2 to qualify for the second consecutive year, the team is ready for the game in this match. Earlier they had met with the Thai national team last month. In Thailand fifth game, the result is Malaysia losing 1-7 to make Chun Yong is determined to avenge the Thai national team.

Head coach Yellow said: "We have achieved the goal of getting into the finals. The meeting with Thailand is a very difficult task for us, because in the past, both Thailand and Thailand, we were defeated everywhere. fight for the best for the first chance of winning, they also want to give the young players of this team the experience of the finals is the best. "

The statistics of the two teams met in the final of this event came three times, which the Thai national team beat everyone (2003, Thailand won by 4-0, 2005 Thailand won by 5-1, 2017 Thailand won by 4-3)

For the final program The Thai team has found the Malaysian team. The event will be held on November 11 at 2pm local time, which is the same as Thailand. The third game is between. The Indonesian national team will meet with the Vietnam national team at 11:00, both pairs will compete in the United Nations Yogyakarta Jakarta.

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