Apple moves big time Turned to launch the service, full of hilarious Apple TV Plus


Big news, vibration, IT circles When the giant How to apple Moving up launching new products that are not IT equipment But it is a service Especially launching online video viewing services That many parties see Wanting to fight with the old market as Net Flix directly

On March 25, 62, again, IT giant disciples like Apple Waiting for new product launches But the launch of this round is not a smartphone or an IT device in the past.

Because Mr. Tim Cook, Apple CEO Launched a replacement service for both AppleCard credit cards, Apple Arcade gaming services for news services Magazines and newspapers to read online or Apple News Plus

But the hilarity and the talk are about the Apple TV Plus service, which will provide video viewing services online. That Apple has been a top Hollywood star, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple CEO said This service will contribute to the power of creativity. It can inspire the world to change

The launch of the Apple TV Plus service creates a surprise for Apple's followers. Because this seems to be a race track with online video providers such as Net Flix that dominates the market and is successful worldwide

But amazed In the view of analysts, it is also seen that This is Apple's new strategy that happens after the Apple product, which was once the main source of revenue, such as the iPhone, began to decline.

Tim Bajarin, a technology specialist, looks at Apple's move from product manufacturers to service providers. In particular, the launch of Apple TV Plus, this time, even if the service is not overturned by the online video service provider But Apple will have a competitive advantage because there are already thousands of devices in the hands of consumers.

"I do not think people will jump to using Apple services instead of Net Flix because I think Net Flix still has meaning As long as I still invest a lot of content, I think Apple will have a big advantage.Because it has billions of iOS device users, including more than 300-400 million users, "commented Tim Bajarin.

However, all new services that Apple has released have not yet been announced. That Apple will have something to make a difference from existing competitors.


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