Apple FaceTime missed the call, heard the sound, until the end of the call did not receive


Image file Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
You have encountered an error in the Apple FaceTime system, which allows the caller to hear the end of the call. This error occurs in the form of group calls or Group Calls in FaceTime, which causes the caller to hear that both members of the group still do not answer the call. Or even pick up the phone initially, Apple emphasized that it will speed up the problem of disappearing this week.

It's a noticeable privacy error for Apple FaceTime Because of this flaw, FaceTime has become a tool that allows iPhone owners to be unconsciously heard.

FaceTime errors were previously reported on Twitter by users called Benji Mobb who discovered that if video calls were made added to the group call list The next call of FaceTime will allow the caller to hear the voice of someone else's iPhone, even if it does not respond. At this time, the CNBC news agency said it tried and verified and found a real error.

Another point of concern is that from the experiment, it was found that the end of the line will not realize that calls were made successfully. Due to being unable to answer the call There is no indication that the call has passed.

Verge has stated that if the end of the line attempts to cancel the call by touching the power button (the power button) on the phone, the system will not cancel the call. But the video will be sent That has no sound This point represents a heavier error. Because the caller will be able to watch the video Or things around as if they had received calls

This error occurred in the FaceTime Group Call feature, which was released last year, initially, Apple said that this error will be fixed this week. In addition to emphasizing that The company already knows this problem. And it will be modified through software updates in the week ending January.

The CNBC news agency recommends prevention methods in the meantime. By temporarily disabling FaceTime, iOS users can open the settings on iPhone or iPad (Settings menu) and select FaceTime to disable it.

The last move is at 10.16 pm. In the past, Apple has decided to disable Group FaceTime to prevent such errors from occurring. And it is expected to re-use when the error has been fixed


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