Advisory launched the PUBG suite of computers, released on July 9.


Today (June 19) Advice (Advise) presents the exclusive PUBG PC cabinet. With a complete and powerful specification Received validity and copyright of the PUBG Corporation, will be released on July 9.

Mr. Chakkrit Watcharasaksilp Vice President, Product Sales and Marketing, Advise IT Infinite Company Limited It said the current specification of players In addition to the powerful performance requirements Also taking into account the design problems Advise therefore intends to develop a PC game case paired with a powerful specification. To support the needs of amateur's PUBG players for professional

Mr. Thanapol Kongrit, Regional Manager of Southeast Asia, Folding Corporation Revealed cooperation with Advice at this point to reward players who support the game well PUBG. The design of the case reflects the identity of the game. PUBG is available in 3 designs, including camouflage, camo, logo pattern, symbol. Gold, Gold and Off-road Buggy Triumphs, set with 3 different types of specifications including Alpha Set, Delta Set and Omega Set. And featured with a limited edition design for real followers

All 3 models are manufactured with high quality materials. The side is decorated with tempered glass. Activating the device to be seen in. The edge of the mask is made of stainless steel, adding strength and durability. 3-LED fans built-in, allowing better heat dissipation and improved RGB illumination. The RGB color display can be adjusted via software and remote control. The details of each specification are as follows.

For those who buy the Alpha Set, Delta Set or Omega Set with any PUBG box, immediately get the game key PUBG (STEAM) with special items in the game PUBG LITE, including the PUBG standard shirt and the hat according to the model of the case Each piece is guaranteed for 3 full years with a 0% installment for 6 months. Applications can be made through the online website at Or inquire at dealer stores nationwide.

In addition to the launch of the PUBG set of computers, Advice also announced the "Advice E-Sports 2019" tournament to support the Thai electronic sports industry. And encourage Thais to understand sports better The competition will be organized by universities from all regions of the country. Earn cash prizes and souvenirs Total value of over 500,000 baht, starting the promotion line from July 22, 2019. Follow more details at Home
Special PUBG Pan Dance Show
PUBG computer set, gold standard and offer
PUBG computer set, buggy standard and offer
Computer set PUBG Camo standard and offer
DUCKMANZ (center) and dmggg (right), Armory Gaming team players, test the performance of the computer PUBG

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