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Abhisit Vejjajiva Alternative to pain

Dr. Supaporn Pitirote, Secretary General of the Chao Phraya Heart Foundation Tell Prodigal It is an herb used by Thai doctors. Appears in medical texts, medicine, well-being in many scriptures. It is a herb that has a high frequency of use and appears on a very high medication. The vine is a component in the treatment of cough, bruises, cystic fibrosis, cervical ligation, cough, ligaments, diarrhea, dysentery, diuretic, cure dysentery, cure dysentery, cure dysentery, cough, sputum. Intraoperative Urography of the Uterus These properties are similar to the use of traditional medicine.


Supaporn told me that in 1992 his mother Lee Sae-ue, now 92, was the mother of Phatchari Saranurak. That year, you found and deposited an herbal remedy that is not to lose. This drug is laxative. You have knowledge of Feng Shui. Use Ratchaburi as a cure. You tell people to heal and then to many. Not just vaginal discharge alone. Yellow, green, fall, fall and then eaten. Later, the pharmacological activity of lignin was investigated. The immune system, which can be a mechanism that helps to improve the symptoms.

In 1993, a well-known 70-year-old grandmother came to consult Patient with knee pain but can not eat arthritis. Because of the side effects until it is gastritis. I have to try to eat. It looks like the relief of pain in your grandmother's knee. It is. There are a number of people who need painkillers that do not have side effects, such as those caused by current medications. When you know that the lily of the valley is an herb used by ancient people to treat the disease. It is also regularly boiled like a drug elixir. And research data found that vinegar has anti-inflammatory effect. This is an alternative to analgesics. But to ensure safety. He was sent to the Medical Sciences Department to review. When there is no acute toxicity and chronic toxicity. The development of laxative pain in the capsules for use in the hospital.

Prodigal Another safe analgesic response.

"Antibiotics increase immunity that may be beneficial to patients with AIDS." Allergic patients are also treated through clinical trials (human trials) to treat knee degeneration. inflammation is not different.And to relieve back pain.Compared with the current drug is Diclofenac is found to be no different as well.It also has fewer side effects.Today capsules are added in the main drug of the year 2011, said Supaporn. Or a lot of eyeballs. It is another answer to a safe analgesic. It is also used as a remedy for other diseases. It confirms that Thai wisdom is valid. If the Thais do not neglect.

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