"A coach" does not leave the Thailand team. But please help behind the scenes.


June 22


Nadalethai Saithongwian Head Coach Thap Chaba Kaew Revealing the farewell on the position in advance No non-target performance Do not leave the selection of Thailand. But strongly support behind the scenes

Today (June 22nd 62), reporters informed that After Thap Chaba Kaeo Arriving in Thailand already, One Nu Ruth Saithong coach Vian Haad, coach Thap Chaba Kaeo gave an interview to the media, stating that for this match, the table Overall it was disappointing because the team failed to reach the last 16 teams and still failed to reach the same point.

As far as goodbye to this position Also had a conversation with the lady From the time to enter the end of the women's world cup championship In the past Jordan Not from the result that the work did not achieve this goal in any way. However, Madame and Dung insisted they would not leave women's football for sure. Will continue to help develop Thai women's football

After that, I would like to request a rest and returned to help with the school affiliation, ie the Khon Kaen Sports School first, because during the 4-5 years that came to do football, women rarely had their own duties with the school. As for control of this team There is also a team of sports schools in Khon Kaen. Including the Asian Graduate College staff

However, for the future of this national team, one coach said he was ready to support other aspects in every respect. But coming back to control this team will be high hopes of past work, so either help the younger generations, whether academics or educating new football players To become a better national team

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