6 Thai boxers ready to fight at championship battle on February 16


"Oh, five star grilled chicken" Rehearse double hope "Han Chu Hua" Chinese Superstars win Super Muay Thai Day (66 kg) in battle. A: CLASH OF LEGENDS On February 16, 62 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani Come to practice the media show on January 28 at the PK Sanchai Muay Thai Muay Thai Gym in "Kru Tong", Chonnapat, Virachchai Reung, having a lot of cough powder in Bangkok after rehearsing the show. Finished, ready to wield "Rika Ishigae", a Thai-Japanese crossbreed athlete. Enter the training camp in Phuket.

Circulation of the Battle Day Championship Under the name of ONE: CLASH OF LEGENDS, get ready to blow it up again on February 16 at the Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani, which will be the World Championship, ONE Championship Martial Arts Organization. The largest in Asian history, organized by Mr. Chatri Sitthisombat, president of the One Championship, with a team selected to compete with the boxing team.

Mr. Chatri Sitthiyotta, President of One Championship He said that for the fight to happen in Thailand on that date Born and ready for boxing fans across Thailand be aware of the boxer's fighting queue, the company is preparing to rehearse the media show at Muay Thai PK Sanchai Muay Thai Gym , which has 6 Thai athletes who participated in the trials. Prepare Consists of the best Muay Thai such as Yoo Roi, Five Star Grilled Chicken, Super Lek Kiat, Mu 9, Kongsak PK, Saenchai Muay Thai, Thongkam Gym and Thong Fighter Thai Boxing. Including martial arts athletes, Derrika Ishigae and "Kru Tong", Chanaphat Wirachai

On the side Grilled Chicken Five Stars Thai boxer, owner of the nickname "Top Boxing Muang Sakon", 32-year-old Sakon Nakhon boxer revealed that "Now he is training in the EVV MMA field in Singapore. Fly back to Thailand to practice the show that day. That practice does not have to worry about the camp eVolma MMA is a famous martial arts standard sports camp About equipment and a lot of practice that the pair practiced with only the upper level of Muay Thai, the former champion, the standard stage, Lumpini – Ratchadamnoen such as Saket Dao Phet Phayathai, Kwan Khao, Ratanabundit University, Singthong Noi, P.Telakul

Top boxing Sakon Nakhon continued: "Each day of training, kicking the target and against the past, the boxing ring that is practiced together. In that light, is considered the story itself to fight as a pair, having a championship, encounter with Han Chu Yu, a Chinese superstar.With the Champion Super Day Series (ONE Super Series), Thai Boxing, Bantam Vet (66 kg), which is available as a bet, which he admits to have practiced harder every time With more practice than ever To increase the fitness condition for the body And the EVV MMA camp instructor has brought sports science to help Tighten the body And the speed of the gun is harder And the strength of the muscles is improved

While "Kru Tong" Chanon Phatvirachai A famous martial art athlete reveals that the time in Bangkok now has a lot of dust. Light cough But after the rehearsal of the show is over, it's ready Rika Ishke Thai-Japanese mid-athletes who have a program to fight on the same day Will fly to train at Tiger Muay Thai Camp in Phuket Province to prepare to fight in the fight against Taecyeon Kim of South Korea who is well known and famous in the sport of judo. Have already contacted the highest level black judo athletes In order to help as a partner to practice, prepare to defeat the fighters of the white ginseng territory to win a gift, opening a new era of the year 2562 for the Thai people to continue

Side Muay Thai Golden Harrier Fighter Revealed that he was very happy to join the Thailand Day Battle Championship, which gave Thai boxing fans overwhelming support. This fight will be more comfortable. Because it was the second time that this battle was fought Objective of creating a form to be the champion of the day. Champions to stay so dreamy

While Kongsak P.Gymnasium K. Saenchai Muay Thai To catch the day of the battle First championship Said it's a global challenge It's a battle with many elite opponents, but ready to serve everyone. I hope to use this light to show my ability. Call for confidence Pave the way to the final day of the championship

For Championship Day 1: CLASH OF LEGENDS after the media rehearsal ceremony was completed that day The official press conference will be held again on February 13, 62, at the W Hotel, Sathorn district, Bangkok. At the conference press, all boxers will be shown. Battle this February 16 and open to the media to interview, open-minded warlord, athlete and all the fighters on the list.

You can update Championship news via www.onefc.com Or channel on Twitter and Instagram on @ONEChampionship Including facebook https://www.facebook.com/ONEChampionship

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