& # 39; Lion – Chris & # 39; prepared a special project for Peeraya


"Lion" Prachirangroj with a pair of "Chris" Peerawat Saengphotarat prepared a special project for the Piyawatta to gather.

Kom Chad Luek Entertainment Team– Called as the hottest pair to receive the last interest "Lion" Prairangruang With "Chris "Peerawat Saengphirat Get ready to have a special project with the Peraya 2019 Project

The details are as follows: Project 1 of Piraya is the LINE Sticker Set 2 by Chris and Lion. This time around will come the theme Krist-Singto Message for Peraya, which Chris and the lion helped to think that the various gestures of the Sticker can be downloaded to begin in July of this year.

Project 2 is the fourth photobook of Chris and the Lion. This book will work together with another project, which will continue to collect images while Chris-Lion performs the activity and collection in a photo book. The name will not be called Kissing because this book is in a special design. But what name did they want to wait for? You will see yourself later this year with certainty.

Project 3 is the first online program by Chris and Lion. What will be called "Friend.ship with Krist-Singto" is a program that Kris and Lion will do to do whatever they want, cook, photograph and travel according to the style of the two people will be in the air 1 EP per month, the end of July, of course.

Project 4 is the first big fan meeting in Thailand for Kris and Lions. To use the name "Party Peraya", Kris and Lions will sing, play, dance, show the full course. The event will take place on July 6 at Chaengwattana Hall. Central Plaza Chaengwattana and will open the sale card on May 31 via www.thaiticketmajor.com

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