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The Thai Industrial Property Authority (IEAT) clarifies Phase III (Phase 1) of the Industrial Property Development Project Map Ta Phut, together with 18 private sector delegations, visited the Porto Industrial Map Ta Phut, Rayong Province in November 28 to prepare the private sector. He submitted the proposal on February 6, 2019.

Ms. Somjit Kueang, governor of the Thai Industrial Property Authority (IEAT) held a meeting to clarify Phase 3 of the Industrial Development Map of Phase 1 (Phase 1) to enable the private sector to acquire the RFP ). Information Details and details of the project. Including criteria for private selection to invest. And respond to 18 private surveys, both domestic and foreign. To make a perfect proposal.

The terms and conditions of the auction process. As a net cost of the public-private partnership (PPP), IEAT will open technical and price proposals on February 6, 2019, signing a joint venture agreement with the private sector. Selected March 2016.

The Industrial Property Development Project for the Phase III (Phase 1) Phase III Map (Phase I) is located in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 rai to provide infrastructure for investment in the East Special Development Zone (EEC). Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Approximately 550 rai of land ponds and sediments under construction, about 450 rai of total length of about 2,200 meters The Phase 3 Industrial Development of Map Ta Phut (Phase 1) has the following scope: 1. Infrastructure (Infrastructure) and 2. Ports. Superstructure and associated operations at sea.

The project is divided into 3 phases.

1. Infrastructure work Infrastructure, design and construction will not take more than 3 years from the date specified in the notice to commence work.

2. Gas ports Part 1 superstructure and construction project to support at least 5 million tons per year, up to 2 years.

3. The operation of a gas port business includes the payment of investment rights and other expenses under the joint venture agreement with IEAT for a period not exceeding 30 years.

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Bangkok Insight Editorial Team

Bangkok Insight Editorial Team


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