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On April 18, Taipei time, Time magazine selected LeBron James, the Lakers star, to be the only NBA player to be selected, in addition to the 100 most influential people in the world in the year. For James, this is his fourth time to receive this honor.

Founded in 1923, Time Magazine has a large number of readers worldwide and is one of the most influential brands in the world. The selection of the world's top 100 influential figures began in 2004 and since then only three players have earned the NBA player's honor. In addition to LeBron James, it also includes Steve Nash and Kevin Durant.

Nash was selected for the roster in 2006, Durant was included in the roster in 2018 and James was selected for the roster four times in 2005, 2013, 2017 and 2019. Regarding world influence, James is still the first undisputed person among the players active.

James was selected for this list, and his contribution to society last year, especially the creation of the "I Promise" school, provided educational opportunities for children with family difficulties. Each of the most influential people will be accompanied by a commentary, and this year's commentary for James is Buffett's "The God of War."

"Childhood idols will shape a person's future" Buffy wrote, "Childhood idols will shape a person's future." Thanks to his ability to compete on the basketball court with high expectations, his commercial success in Hollywood and the media industry, and He is the I Promise school recently founded by a vulnerable group of teenagers in Akron, Ohio.LeBron is worthy of the worship of millions of young people.The kind of worship will have a positive impact on their lives.What is more exciting? has done so well in and out of the stadium – you're just seeing the beginning of LeBron. "

Buffett believes that the young people who admire James can gain positive influence from him. James is already great, both on and off the court, but it's just the beginning of LeBron.

James also updated the status of the social networking site today, forwarding the tweets from Time magazine, and thanking Buffett: "I am honored and humble with these great leaders.Thank you for your compliment @ 百 菲特, this is for my children. #IPROMISE

This season, suffering from injuries, James did not take the Lakers back to the playoffs, but he asked the fans to be patient, he will not stop working, and hopefully he will eventually retire on the Lakers.


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