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Yuguo Liutong Hualien, from South Korea, has political views of Yan Qingbiao: "Be told to do it" | Privacy Policy | NOWnews Today & # 39; s News


▲ Kaohsiung Mayor Korea Yu. (Figure / Profile photo of NOWnews)
▲ Kaohsiung Mayor Korea Yu. (Figure / Profile photo of NOWnews)

The South Korean tourist activity of the mayor of Kaohsiung arrived in Taichung this week. Today (22) in the afternoon, he met for the first time with Shalu and former legislator Yan Qingbiao. During the talks, Yan Qingbiao hoped that if South Korea were elected president, he would implement the election check for National Highway No. 6 Tonghualian.

According to media reports, Yu South Korea said on the spot that 2020 is a very important battle for the future survival and development of Taiwan. I hope everyone can support you. The media broadcast the conversation live. Yan Qingbiao said that South Korea Yu mentioned National Highway No. 6 to Hualien at Hualien Powerhouse, and that Taichung and Hualien became a one-day circle of life. I hope that if South Korea is elected president: Implementation is complete. "

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▲ the former legislator Yan Qingbiao. (Photo / reporter Chen Yafang photo, 2010.05.09)

Although South Korea, Yu, once opened the election process in Hualien, the scene was so fascinating. However, the extension of national highway No. 6 was triggered by many people, and Lin Mingxi, mayor of Nantou County, said that national highway No. 6 is only 30 kilometers away from Wushe to Hualien County Longyan. However, it is difficult to solve problems like geothermal faults and through the central mountains. Although the extension of the country is a good thing, it is basically an impossible task.

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