Yu Korean wrong! The curator admits to apologize and swears that "this thing is more crap" – Zhongshi News


The curator was barred from running the competition, but found the wrong person, and the live broadcast apologized. "I'm rubbish in that." I promised to be cautious in the future and would like to go to Kaohsiung to plead guilty. (Figure / turn by the healer live)

Curator Chen Zhihan was shouting at the live broadcast of the Kaohsiung City government because he had to cooperate with the Jianli Association to administer the competition, but the live broadcast on the 29th apologized, indicating that he found it to be central. The Sports Department blocked the competition, it was not the Kaohsiung city government, the healer was very sincere about the Kaohsiung city government's apology and said "this thing is more junk."

The curator conveyed tonight and met the mayor of New Taipei, Hou Youyi, to hear everyone's opinions, but at first the curator admitted the error and said that during the communication and communication of Jianli's competition the information was biased and evil understood Wrong, I have to make a mistake, so he has to apologize to the mayor of South Korea and the relevant units of the city. "I gave the word as trash, I apologize, I am more trash, and I will be cautious in the future."

The curator also asked Hou Youyi to help him with South Korea. He was willing to plead guilty and apologize for Yuki, who made people feel apologetic and sincere.

Hou Youyi will help South Korea to ensure: Han Mayor is very good, will not care! Hou Youyi also praised the healer as a man, affirming the attitude of the healer and at the same time helped the healer to say that this incident was only a misunderstanding. The message from the middle of the passage was wrong, understood by the healer.

(China Times Bulletin)


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