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You are kidding? Truth, T-Mac blowing D77 All-Star Votes: Curry and Harden who do not respect "change the times"! (影) | NBA | Dynamic Network DONGTW

The NBA All-Star Weekend is approaching, and the stars' votes are a topic of concern, and Tracy McGrady, a member of the Hall of Fame, expresses her dissatisfaction with Doncic's votes on the last show.

McGrady said he felt that Doncic's ticket was too high and that he was disrespectful to Stephen Curry and James Harden.

"This vote is very disrespectful to people. Please, from all angles, it's very rude," McGrady said. "They not only do not respect Curry, they've changed the era of basketball, but also that Doncic has more votes than him.

From the last result of the All-Star poll, Doncic won 3,301,825 votes, ranking second in the Western Conference, second only to LeBron. Curry has 2,979,080 votes, and the Western Conference is the first in the defense court.

"I'm not saying that Doncic should not be an All-Star. He should be selected, but his votes are in front of Harden and Kevin Durant, they can not be on the list, are they okay? of the fans. " Player, "said McGrady.

This season, the best rookie performer is Doncic, who is the newest rookie award, and the Lone Ranger has also seen signs of reviving his performance, this season they have the opportunity to compete for the playoffs.

But McGrady's point of view is understandable, after all, Doncic is even better, he's just a rookie in the NBA, Curry is twice MVP winner, Harden and Durant are also former MVPs and now have fewer votes. Doncic, this is a little unreasonable.

But by no means, the All-Star vote was originally based on the wishes of the fans, Doncic could not manipulate the voting results, so McGrady could only powerless.

When he was invited on a TV show recently, former Green Army star Paul Pierce also talked about Lone Ranger Luka Doncic.

When talking about whether Doncic deserves to be All-Star this year, Pierce gives his opinion: "There are only 24 players in the All-Star class, so he is not worthy, he will enter All-Stars in the future, but it's still too early. As a rookie, he's really amazing, we all love to see him play, but there are still other players worth entering the All-Star. I will choose LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns and Nikola Jokic. Tobias Harris, he is now the leader of the boat. "

To date, Doncic has played 43 games, averaging 32.1 minutes, scoring 20.3 points, 6.7 rebounds and 5.1 assists. After the third round of All-Star voting, their votes came in second in front of the Western Conference, pressing Durant, George and Davis.

Another former superstar, Reggie Miller, also talked about that. Although he did not think Doncic could get into the All-Star, in his mind, the five West End tigers should look like this, Curry and Harden are the court of defense, LeBron and Durant In the court of attack, the center is under the responsibility of Jokic!

However, Miller's initial roster was also unsatisfied by fans, which has attracted much controversy. In his view, Curry, Harden, LeBron and Durant are the starting points for the strike, but the central position should be given to Davis . The combination of five people is the most reasonable!

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