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(10:14 update) Go to Turkmenistan to participate in the world weightlifting Championships in China, Jakarta – Palembang Asian Games gold medal national hand Guo Yan, the fourth day of women's 59 kg class, the 105 kg disassembly to take off the first gold, jockey 132 kg of silver The total amount is 237 kilograms of gold, 2 gold and 1 silver in the bag, from which the catch and the sum is world record, but also successfully completed the 2nd World Championship!

This year's weightlifting world championship changed to the Tokyo Olympic system, while male and female kilograms changed to 7 magnitude and allowed Guo Wei to eliminate the 58 kg class and earned 59 kilograms of intentionally 1kg this year's World Cup. Initially, the weight of the catch was 100 kg, the first test was successful.

Guo Wei attempted 103kg for the second time, and the third attempt was 105kg for last year's blackmail, successfully lifted the gold medal and the lett koch runner-up 103kg. Thailand's 149cm small giant, Seri Kay in the third raised 100kg.

For a clean and orderly project, Guo Wei first attempted to target 128 kilograms and said that he successfully managed to raise, the second attempt rose to 132 kg, unfortunately the trial was unsuccessful and after a break it was a third attempt. It's a bit exciting, but he's still bravely raised his teeth and only 133 kilograms in China, Chen Guiming.

Guo Wei won the World Cup and the 2017 boxing with the total gold medal for 2013 boxing and the total gold medal, this time with 2 gold and 1 silver for this year's world championship, but this is just his outpost at the Tokyo Olympics. He continued the Taipei World Grand Canal last season, this year's Asian Games and the World Cup to win the gold medal!

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