Wang Dingyu plans to withdraw the residence permit on the mainland and cancel it in Taiwan. Internet users enter the party and move away from others – ETtoday News Cloud


Wang Dingyu intends to withdraw the residence permit on the mainland and annul the domestic registration of Taiwan.Net laughs at the Democratic Progressive Party and discards others.

▲ As of September 1, all localities in the mainland began accepting applications for "Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents". (Photo / Taiwan Provincial Office of Sichuan Affairs) The Political Center / Taipei reported that implementation of the "Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents" from September 1 was suspected by MAC as part of the " real and Taiwanese benefit. " Appropriate control measures must be taken. On 9th, DPP lawmaker Wang Dingyu said he would propose the amendment of the "People's Cross-Straits Popular Rule" and that the application for a residence permit in the country would "cancel registration in Taiwan in accordance with the law "means the loss of Taiwanese identity. Wang Dingyu said that the first item of Article 9 of the Regulation on People's Relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the people of the Taiwanese area can not have a domestic registration or use a mainland passport on the mainland, and have a domestic register or a continental passport on the continent in violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph. In addition to the special considerations of the relevant authorities, the loss of the identity of the people in Taiwan and their election, removal, creation, reconsideration, military service, public office in Taiwan and other rights related to home registration in Taiwan are necessary. . Wang Dingyu said the version of the amendment proposed by him is to include the "Mainland Residence Authorization Application" in this code, but if he waives his residence permit on the mainland, he can restore Taiwan's status and rights. However, I am concerned that the inclusion of this article may cause Taiwanese and Taiwanese entrepreneurs in Taiwan to become "stuffed biscuits," so we must discuss it with the administrative department. As for the news that Wang Dingyu wants to change the content of the "Regulation of Relations between the Two Sides of Taiwan Strait", also caused discussions on the Internet. Some netizens criticized and criticized: "Do not do a good job in the economy, let a group of people go to the continent and university students work on the continent." There are 40k for food and food, and who is willing to stay in Taiwan for 23k? "" If you want to be independent, you will become a Chinese. The DPP will actually change the DPP. If you do not move, you will drive others away. "Party affiliation), now Taiwanese (hukou) who do not agree with them are also expelled …


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