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Foxconn's former vice president and well-known cross-strait entrepreneurship trainer, Cheng Tianlong, pointed out that he had found two periods of black hole in his life, one of which in Hon Hai. He remembered from that time he worked hard in Hon Hai, thinking about production management. It is almost impossible to get in touch with the new science and technology, it is a free military division of the manufacturers to "lose." He's really much happier now.

Cheng Tianzhong was president of HP in China, president of Texas Instruments Asia Pacific, vice president of Foxconn and chief executive of Fu Zhikang at the Hon Hai Group. The experience was remarkable. He was the main Taiwanese in the foreign technology circuit in recent years .Peng Tianzhong retired from Hon Hai in 2012. I began to contact innovation and became a free course for the "Mentor Entrepreneur Creator". Over the past five years, I have trained more than 500 cases.

Cheng Tian's advice to these creators is to "make a choice", in fact, this is their own life experience. Before retiring, Cheng Tianzhong served as chief executive of Fu Zhikang, responsible for Taiwan's nearly $ 300 billion annual revenue. The company has more than 70,000 employees, but he said he did not realize it until his 40-year career. "The true winner is the first. Those who know what to lose, he added, the manuscript clearly understands their own values, and knows how to choose, the estimates must win, and the time to let go, then take the initiative of" the " (lost).

After graduating from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Jiaotong University, Cheng Tianzhong first worked as a salesman at a trading company and then joined Hewlett-Packard in Taiwan and, with hard work, entered the circle of foreign technology. However, Cheng Tianzong also revealed that he had found two large periods of black hole in his life, which means "do not absorb new technological knowledge and is isolated from the development of high technology." For the first time in six years of HP service in China, the Internet was not yet mature. The information was closed, making it difficult for him to accept foreign information and focus only on his work.

As for the second period of the black hole, it is the five years preceding the 60-year retirement in Hon Hai. Cheng Tianlong said that at that time, I thought about manufacturing and factory management and could not know the new technology, although he stressed that he learned a lot in Hon Hai at the time, he also filled in the puzzles of professional managers, but the boss needed People sell their lives like him. Cheng Tianzhong confessed that if he had an entrepreneurial spirit, he would not want to stay in Hon Hai, the reason these people want to be professional managers is that they do not want to be the same as their bosses. Work and life must be balanced.

According to "World Magazine", Cheng Tianzong believes that now is much happier than in Hon Hai, many want to go to work in Hon Hai, he can really expect to continue, but he said that is not what he wants, "I resigned , everything "Let's let go, just go." After retirement, he became an entrepreneurial instructor.He believes that life has different activities at different stages.Whatever the state, achieving self-esteem can bring happiness.

(China Times Bulletin)

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