US stocks after the market – Microsoft and the two unicorns ran four major indices to close higher |


US stocks rose from the intraday low on Thursday, with industry stocks rising and weakening health and energy stocks, stable economic data, and the two Pinterest and Zoom technology unicorns listed on the first day of the wave , boosting the sentiment of Wall Street. Closing the top, the four major indices climbed collectively. Due to the market close on Friday (19), the volume traded today is slight.

Thursday (18) US stocks four major index performance:

  • The Dow Jones US stock index rose 110 points, or 0.42%, to close at 26,559.54 points.
  • The Nasdaq index rose 1.98 points, or 0.02%, to close at 799.06 points.
  • The S & P 500 index rose 4.58 points, or 0.16%, to close at 2,905.03 points.
  • The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index rose 1.05 points, or 0.068%, to close at 1558.13 points.

Among the S & P 500 index, 7 sectors in 11 sectors closed, the industrial sector led gains (1.11%), followed by the real estate sector (0.75%) and the information technology sector (0.28% ), leading the fall (-0.53%). Second, financial consumer goods (-0.24%) and non-essential goods (-0.05%).

Chart of the S & P 500 index. (Photo: finviz)

Due to the sharp decline in the healthcare sector, Wall Street has calmly introduced itself every week. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq indexes rose 0.6% and 0.2%, respectively, this week, while the S & P index fell 0.1%.

Thursday's fenders (FAANG) and semiconductor stocks were mixed. Netflix (NFLX-US) rose 1.58%, Apple (AAPL-US) rose 0.36%, Amazon (AMZN-US) retreated 0.17%, Alphabet (GOOGL-US) rose 0.11% and Facebook FB-US) decreased by 0.28%.

Nvidia (NVDA-US) fell 0.53%, AMD increased 0.69%, Texas Instruments (TXN-US) fell 0.078%, Micron (MU-US) rose 0.58%, Intel (INTC) -US) fell 0.12%.

The bank's stock fell. Goldman Sachs (GS-US) fell 0.96%, Citigroup (C-US) fell 0.97% and Morgan Stanley (MS-US) fell 1.47%.

Taiwan's ADR (TSM-US) rose 2.28%, Chunghwa Telecom ADR (CHT-US) rose 0.31%, Sun Moonlight ADR (ASX-US) fell 3.93%, UMC ADR -US) fell 1.53%; AUO ADR (AUO-US) fell 1.06%.

TSMC announced its first quarter profit report on Thursday (18), with a net profit after tax of 61.39 billion yuan, down 38.6%. With strong demand for 7-nanometer processes in the second half of the year, the agreement between Apple and Qualcomm and the adoption of 5G, Wall Street analysts are optimistic about TSMC's performance jump in the second half.

In corporate news, Pinterest's two major technological unicorns (PINS-US) and Zoom Video (ZM-US) were released on Thursday, up 28.42% and 72.22% respectively, boosting Wall Street sentiment .

Zoom Video (ZM-US) The IPO was released on Thursday and stock prices rose 72%. (Photo: AFP)

Microsoft (MSFT) has acquired Express Logic, which entered the Internet for Things (IoT) market. The company's stock price hit a record $ 122.99 on Thursday, closing at 1.31% .

As the earnings report was better than expected, Union Leasing (URI-US) rose 8.20% on Thursday and Hanwei United (HON-US) rose 3.8%, both of which rose.

The legal age of tobacco in the United States increased from 18 to 21, leading to stocks of tobacco being pressed on Thursday, MO-US tobacco multinationals, Philip Morris International (PM-US) and British American Tobacco ( BTI-US)) Descending.

Wall Street Analysis

The earnings season has started well, according to FactSet, so far more than 78% of the S & P 500 companies they reported performed better than analysts had expected.

Nick Raich, CEO of The Earnings Scout, said in a report to clients: "While first quarter growth of 2019 (+ 5.60%) was significantly lower than the fourth quarter of 2018 (+ 21.02% ), this is a positive growth. Not the negative growth predicted by many people a few weeks ago. "

US retail sales growth in March was the highest since September 2017, and unemployment benefits fell for the fifth consecutive week, which also boosted Wall Street sentiment.

Mike Loewengart, vice president of investment strategy at E * TRADE Financial, said: "There has been a lot of turbulence in the retail industry recently, so I'm happy to see retail sales data out of the forest. Tight work to increase consumer spending. Recent wage increases. " And we can be in the best state of inflation, and we can continue to drive economic growth. "

Andrew Hunter, a senior economist at Capital Economics in the United States, wrote in a report on Thursday: "Retail sales data has increased the slightly positive tone of recent data and provides some comfort for the economy not to fall."

Andrew Hunter said: "However, this has not changed our view that the fiscal stimulus has subsided and easing the monetary tightening of the currency will boost the potential growth rate of the GDP growth rate below 2% in the coming quarters."

Michael Arone, chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, said, "A lot of good news has been priced in the market, and investors are still looking for the next catalyst to boost the stock market." Investors are still worried about the economic downturn and expect to see the European stock market recover. " Confirm that the Chinese economy has reached the bottom and the market can go further. "


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