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Unreal Open Day's inaugural address and full agenda exposition-Tech News-Sina News Center

Unreal Open Day is a developer-sharing event for Unreal Engine developers created by Epic Games China, one of the industry's largest specifications, the largest scale and the strongest lineup of annual events. Since the first UOD launch in Shanghai in 2015, it has successfully held four open day events, and its scale has expanded year by year, on 8 and 9 May 2019, the fifth UOD will be held in Shanghai. In the field of science and technology, Unreal Engine is fully committed to the technological revolution. As of GDC this year, the number of Unreal Engine users exceeded 7.5 million, and the proportion of users of Greater China increased significantly in comparison with previous years.


Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeny will use the State of Unreal as the first speech, kicking off Unreal Open Day's exciting agenda for the Unreal Engine Open Day, and will also bring many Unreal developers to review. The results and progress of last year.

Other Wonderful Speech Topics

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Keynote: Working with Unreal to create AAA mobile games for gamers around the world

Zu Long Entertainment / Founder, President and CEO Li Qing

Li Qing, founder, president and CEO of Zulong Entertainment, is one of the first game producers in China. Under his leadership, Zulong Entertainment became the leading game development company in China and developed the "King of Kings 3D", "Six Dragons Hegemony 3D", "Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games" and "Kyushu Sky City 3D ". And many other boutique games that are exported to many countries and regions around the world. In 2019, Zulong Entertainment's mobile game masterpiece "Dragon Fantasy", developed with Unreal Engine 4, has attracted a lot of attention and is expected to become a new beginning in the field of mobile game MMO.

Li Qing will show the effect of the Zulong Entertainment application on the Unreal Engine and will let developers know the effects, the work behind it and the sharing experience for Unreal Engine developers.

Keynote: Opportunities for local developers in game globalization

Heart Network / CEO Huang Yimeng

Huang Yimeng, founder and CEO of, co-founder of TapTap, is responsible for formulating the group's overall strategy and objectives.

Huang Yimeng has accumulated Internet genes for many years and has a deeper understanding of the game industry. In 2003 he also founded the VeryCD website at the school to bring the software to China and in 2009 he again entered the gaming industry and launched the brand of heart control networks to create quality products for gaming. The co-founder founded TapTap to allow players to find more good games.

Huang Yimeng attaches great importance to professional talents and ensures stable and fast development of the company, creating a good corporate culture.

Keynote: Hand in hand to share the game of domestic games UE4 on PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) / President Tian Tianwu

Mr. Tian Tianwu, a graduate of Beijing University, joined Sony during his economics studies, and during his ten years from 1992 to 2004 he worked in the Sony market. After three years of study, Tian Tian received an MBA in 2006. Before returning to Sony in 2013, Tian Tianwu worked in internationally renowned companies mainly responsible for market development, marketing strategies and international business development. At the end of 2013, Tian Tian returned to the Sony Group to join Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment), responsible for the Chinese market. He is currently the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Brought by Mr. Tian Tianu, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai), the current situation of the Chinese UE4 works on the PlayStation platform and the future of the future.

Specific agenda meeting

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More exciting sharing is available at the 2019 Unreal Engine Technology Open Day – May 8 and May 9 Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel.

Here, you can not only listen to the wonderful analysis of the most famous Unreal Engine experts in the world, but also in-depth discussions and exchanges with the developers of many Unreal Engines to share a deep understanding of the new technological trends. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn about the new Unreal Engine application in more industry sectors. It can be said unreal

Open Day is not just an exchange and learning party, but also a hall of many high-quality illusory talents. More exciting topics, more in-depth case sharing, collisions and more exciting thoughts exchanges are worth your expectations!

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