Saturday , November 28 2020

“Touhou Project” second creation “Touhou LostWord” dual platform launch “Hakuli Reimu” and “Mix Marisa” to participate in “TOUHOU LostWord”

The traditional Chinese version of the second-generation mobile role-playing game from “Touhou Project”, “Touhou LostWord”, was officially released on dual platforms today (26). The pre-login has exceeded 500,000 and players can log in to get popular characters. “” Hakurei Reimu “and” Misture Marisa “, the official added mysterious special rewards for all players, and a series of opening activities were announced.

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Create a new story and return to Gensokyo

“Touhou LostWord” is a secondary creation based on the “Touhou Project” series produced by the Shanghai Alice Magic Orchestra. Keep the series as the best known barrier and turn it back into the battle system. Players will use the unique spell cards of various characters to initiate a barrier battle. According to the disposition of the vanguard and the defender, a team of up to 6 people will be formed. Come face the challenge in the adventure. All characters are divided into 8 attribute categories, such as defense and destruction, according to their characteristics. Combined with different attack methods, such as diffusion and concentrated shooting, the battle is full of various types of diversity.

In addition, cultivating various characters from the oriental series according to your preferences is also the taste of the game. To make the characters fit the image of the players themselves, each character has three different voices for the players to choose from and are equipped with a dressing function, and the characters are diverse. The combination of will accompany players to travel in Gensokyo.

500,000 nominations to break popular characters and enter the battle

According to the official, the popular characters “Hakurei Reimu” and “Mirisha Marisa” from the Touhou series have also been officially unlocked as rewards due to the 500,000 registered users. Both characters have a defense and an attack, which is believed to be a great help to Gensokyo’s adventure. In addition, due to the advance of 500,000 people, the official special 5-star gift[A Incrível Miko Voando no Ar]will give players a higher level of combat power.

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    5 star design

In addition, after the server is started, players who log in for 7 consecutive days will be able to obtain the character “Dongfengtani Sanae” for free. She is known as “Xianjin God” – “the God who appeared as a human”. She is one of the few who entered Gensokyo from the outside world. The established human being currently occupies the post of Fengzhu at the Moriya Shrine. He is a rejuvenating character, paired with Reimu and Marisa. If you want to strengthen the team, start by logging in every day.

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    7-day sprint activity chart

Open service event debut rewards waiting for you

Commemorative login rewards

All players log in every day after the server is opened and can receive various rewards, such as a large amount of in-game money, greeting cards and dolls that await players to collect.

Gensokyo dos Reis Magos – Purple Yakumo and Ibaraki flower fans are only available

Limited time characters[Oculto no reino dos monstros]Yakumo Zi and[Fada com um braço só]Ibaraki Hua Fan will appear in the opening prayer.

The main line of exploration falls 2 times the activity

From the start of the server until November 2, while the main line of exploration is carried out during the event period, the drop rate for all props will be doubled. Enjoy to collect more props.

The traditional Chinese version of “Oriental LostWord” was officially released on both platforms today (26), and several server-opening activities were also launched simultaneously.

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