This month is determined to be unable to launch the "Last War PC Test: Sergeants' Compilation" – Halo: The Master Chief Collection


The "Last War: The Master Chief Collection" last month has just been confirmed to be released on the PC platform, although the beta test was originally scheduled for this month, community director Brian Ske7ch & # 39; Jarrard is at some point. The update said it was impossible to conduct a test this month.

"With the end of April, I want to quickly share the latest updates. 28 days ago, I tweeted:" If everything goes according to plan, it will be the month of publicity! "Although a lot of people consider it a fool. It's a joke, but actually we really expect to start testing in April. It's not a joke."

"In a post on April 17, I noticed that I might not be able to do it." "It's just one day left." "I can say with certainty that there will be no public betas this month." "I know the excitement and expectation are extremely high. this emotion, but this is really a very complicated project, we also agree that quality is better than everything, we also need to make the "MCC" meet the fans of the "last battle" and PC gamers.Our expectations and requirements. This has become more challenging than originally envisaged, and we have made tremendous progress and have done some work in many other areas. "

Ske7ch also revealed that another target period of time will not be shared with the public because the team is focused on recovering as quickly as possible. The blog post development update in April is already in preparation and will provide the current status.Ske7ch also reaffirms to fans that "progress is good and" Rui Qu "will be a lot of fun on the PC."

Are you saddened by the beta test extension?

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