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Yesterday at the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, Duke University lost to Michigan State, lost the top four and future champion Zion Williamson now wants to participate in the draft to become the focus of attention.

On the ESPN radio show, there is an expose that Williamson is seriously considering staying at Duke University, rather than announcing early retirement to participate in the project. It is reported that Williamson's team is not very pleased with the teams that can pick the highest draft this year, there is no interest in letting Williamson join these teams to play.

As of now, the five teams with the league's worst record this season are Nick, Sun, Cavaliers, Bulls and Hawks. In other words, Williamson's team did not want him to play for these teams.

In the report, Nick is also featured, and it is said that Williamson's family does not want him to play in a dysfunctional team.

Williamson is the most optimistic person to become the NBA draft this year, and many experts like him for LeBron. However, it is reported that Williamson does not want to go to the Lakers to play.

Duke University is the most talented college team in the United States this season but sometimes it is not the most talented in the NCAA tournament to laugh at last in the game yesterday they lost to the best state of Michigan.

If Williamson chooses to stay in school, there is no doubt that Duke is still a favorite of the new season, but it is not clear whether his teammates, another prospect of the project, Barrett will continue in school.

This season, Williamson averaged 22.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.1 interceptions and 1.8 hot pots.

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