The test paper is full of "calculations." A child has only 50 points. | Apple Daily


Sometimes the simple innocence of the child really makes the parents laugh and cry! A web surfer shared the photo of her junior high school's first-year daughter in Facebook's "Explosive Commune" saying that the child came from school and said, "Mom, I have 50 points in math and half in Yeah!" Let her laugh and cry. Say, "A child who is easy to find, looks very good in half."

I did not expect the day after tomorrow that my mother would take this test paper and see that it almost did not collapse. The original problem of calculus asked students to write the "calculation test." As a result, the daughter wrote the answer to each question. '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Many netizens read the smile and said, "How cute is that?", "Simple child …", I think she put "math as a test of national language", so "Does the teacher change and laugh?"

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