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The post of South Korea and the exclusion of text? Wang Shaoqiu replied – Politics – China Times News

On the 28th, the Mayor of Kaohsiung Kwong Yu responded to powdered Korean powder
On the 28th, the Mayor of Kaohsiung Kwong Yu answered the Korean powder in the "Korean Kaohsiung Mayor" powder on the 28th. He was transferred and said "I heard and saw." (FB)

The mayor of Kaohsiung in South Korea appeared on the 27th after the South Korean Conference and published a Facebook document last night: "It seems to be a slogan of the Korean powder, but was immediately erased, but has been presented by others fans ". Refused to keep in this regard, Gao Shiu News Director Wang Shaoqiu asked Han Xiaobian, said that due to lack of homework, the post was not confirmed, the PO went out, then delete it directly, not as speculation has considerations special.

On the 28th, South Korea's official Yu officially published the article "A feeling of the Chinese flag flying at sea" on the 28th. The climate was 257 words. The content mentioned that his heart was also shocking. He knew that tens of thousands of people were in the hot sun and long lines. It is not because of the stars that seek God, but for a long time see many political ghosts, so I am worried about the future of Taiwan and beckoning with the rejection of shameless and incompetent politicians.

South Korea Yu used the article to greet the powder of Han, and asked the old brothers and sisters to be a little more sloppy, and then give him a little time to balance. "Because the weight on my shoulders is really unsatisfactory, I will make any decision next. I expect to see a KMT who does not count personal gains and losses and seeks to return to power. It is also a stable future for" Taiwan's security and people".

Unexpectedly, after the text of the OP, this article was deleted, but was publicized by the media, and the Korean fan page "Korean Yugao Kazuo" was also republished.

It is understood that there are not many small editors who have the authority of the official Facebook of Korean Yu, including the election of the People's Democratic Progressive Party and the famous mouth last year, and the "disgusting adult" Wang Luhan, I am afraid of not to exceed 5 people.

Wang Shiqiu, head of the high-city news department, asked the Xiaobian team on the morning of the 29th. The recount of the PO text and the deletion of the text was simply due to lack of homework. The small series was accidentally posted before of the article was confirmed, then it was deleted directly afterwards.

Wang Shaoqiu pointed out that as for the article still on other fan pages, just because it was republished, the post on the official fan page of the mayor was deleted.

Wang Shaoqiu said the Facebook page for government management is the "Lego Kaohsiung" of the Information Bureau, and each agency also runs a fan page, but the Facebook staff of the Korean mayor is managed by his personal editor. .

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