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The Lakers with LeBron, 4 wins and 6 losses this season, the record is not as good as last season (5 wins and 5 losses in the first 10 games), Magic Johnson's team president's two-year reinforcement plan is challenged .

The state of the players market in 2019 is increasingly unfavorable for the Lakers. Should the Zijin Army change its team building plan and reinforce it in advance to avoid emptying it next summer?

"I'm not a Lakers fan." "My family likes the Lakers, but I'm not." I'm Allen Iverson's fan and I do not like the Lakers. "

Kawhi Leonard said in an interview before Tyrannosaurus and the Lakers on November 5. Hearing this statement, is Magic Johnson's mood a bit low? Just this summer, Leonard also said that non-lakes will not. In the last six months, how has the attitude changed?

Is this a very familiar situation? When Paul George called for a transfer in the summer of 2017, he also did an ironclad attitude toward the Lakers. However, a year later, when George managed to sign the Lakers as a free agent, he chose to stay behind the Thunder.

The Lakers lost George's situation, almost the same as Leonard's embarrassing situation. When they had the chance to go through the trade, they were reluctant to leave the young players and draft picks, but they remembered to wait another year to sign up as a free agent. , not only the star, but also trading assets, so that is not the best of both worlds?

There are so many good things in the world, the resources of the NBA stars are limited, the opportunities are not easy to be recovered. When the star is active, the Lakers are wasting resources, which amounts to pouring cold water on people, is not it the star they should not face?

Those who support Magic Johnson's practices like to use the Nets 2013 bet for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to fail as an example, but Garnett and Pierce are past the peak, which is destined to be a Nets failure. In 2007, Garnett was still at the peak, Celtic traded five players and two choices in the first round, and finally won the Big Three era championship. The Celtics are super generous. The Lakers look like a small family?

Great name is silent, this is not accidental

"Our operational plan is completed in two summers. It is not all operations carried out this summer. Team building is not a matter overnight, but a step by step, to be sustainable."

Magic Johnson gave the above explanation when he left the battle of Leonard this summer. The Lakers' plan is obvious: they won LeBron in 2018, led by LeBron for a year, and then went to the players market to "catch big fish."

The question is, will the "big fish" really want to go to the Lakers in the summer of 2019?

In the players market, a year later there are stars like Kevin Durant, Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson. If the Lakers will regain their gaze and move a little further, the 2020 players market will have Anthony Davis. It looks really star studded, but who can the Lakers, or who else is taking the initiative to show the Lakers?

From the salary point of view, according to the collective agreement, the star renews the contract with the original owner who owns the Larry Bird clause, and can obtain a contract with an annual salary increase of 8% for 5 years. transferred as a free agent, the contract is The annual growth rate is 5% in 4 years, and the difference is calculated in the high salary standard of about $ 50 million. For a professional player who is not very old, $ 50 million is not let go.

LeBron can get a $ 207 million contract for five years if he chooses to renew his contract with the Cavaliers this summer and joined the Lakers contract for four years at $ 154 million, a difference of $ 53 million. This is because LeBron has a strong business base, for example, its contract with Nike is $ 1 billion, and LeBron can support less than $ 50 million, but that does not mean other stars. Also.

In the old version of the collective bargaining agreement, the first signing and then the change can solve the problem of contract difference, but the new version of the collective agreement imposed new regulations on the first signature and then the change. Players take the first signal and then change the team, receive the contract for up to 4 years, the annual salary increase is 5%, which is equivalent to signing as a free agent.

Of course, the Lakers may not consider LeBron's impact on the player market. LeBron is a double-sided blade for reinforcement. Its outstanding all-around skill is still very appealing to some players. This has come about when the Lakers formed a lineup this summer, but their own characteristics will cause a rejection of other stars. It is made

LeBron's style of play is very good and, from his career, only teammates adapt to their cooperation. In the past, even Dwyane Wade, who already has the championship and the championship MVP, and LeBron have to make huge concessions on the ball, to increase the game without a ball. "I do not want to go through this process anymore. It's just torture." After LeBron left the Heat in 2014, Wade said the two men said in the early days of the cooperation. "Of course, we got out of this torture." Success, but I really do not want to go back. "

When Kevin Love joined LeBron in 2014, LeBron's former team-mate Chris Bosh gave advice. "Your position in the team will be reduced from the original tactical first choice to the third choice," said Bosh. "It's going to be difficult at first, you have to get over it. You have to believe that good things will happen after all." But the process is certainly not easy, even last season (season 2013-14), in the fourth year of our cooperation, I do not have easy feelings. "

These statements were made publicly by Wade and Bosh, and private discussions in the players may be more intense: Irving threatened the Cavaliers to send him away in 2017, which is undoubtedly the other players in the league are joining forces with LeBron. Doubt The fact is that when Leonard became the team this summer, after learning that LeBron joined the Lakers, his interest in going to the Zijin Army has weakened. According to the latest ESPN news, several coalition executives believe that the Lakers fight for Leonard. The union is at a disadvantage, even behind the rival motorcade of the city, because Leonard does not want to work with LeBron, he wants the status of main player, not a helper.

From the standpoint of the style of the game, Thompson is more suitable to partner with LeBron. Tompson does not take possession of the ball and can open the space. The problem is that since the Lakers can not be a star, why Thompson does not stay in the Warriors for five years? Los Angeles is a big city, San Francisco (the location of the new home of the warriors) is not bad?

Are you going to pick someone up next year? Not as good as trading now

Prior to the start of the season, Magic Johnson and LeBron have repeatedly said they have patience but only 10 games in the regular season, Magic Johnson put pressure on coach Luke Walton, and even LeBron said publicly, the Lakers do not want to Challenge their patience limit , if he loses his temper, teammates may not be better.

The main reason for the lack of patience of the Lakers is that the record is not ideal, and the main cause of poor performance is poor lineup setup, lack of defenders inside, lack of snipers and defenders of flanks on the outside, LeBron used to play "star and shooter" Deferred on the spot, his own defensive efficiency declined, and there were no squads that could help, which led LeBron to lose something in the Lakers. Data show that when LeBron was on the court this season, the difference between the Lakers offensive and defensive points was -3.7, and when LeBron was not on the court, the number was +7.2. LeBron is not playing, the Lakers are more efficient, is not that too embarrassing?

The fierce competition in the Western District means that if the Lakers can not reverse the situation as fast as possible, they may have to face LeBron but still miss the playoffs. In 2019, the players market feels far from the Lakers The Zijin Army should still be on the ground First, solve the problem through the transaction, and the future is not too late.

The gray wolf is selling Jimmy Butler, and the Lakers have enough commercial capital to compete. Butler has both offensive and defensive, it's the urgent need for Lakers' reinforcements, LeBron is present, and there's no need to worry about Butler's eccentric temper. However, the Lakers may consider whether Butler will become a free agent next summer and not renew the contract. If the renewal of Butler blocks the salary space, can not sign other large letters, how to make Leonard better than Butler?

It is important to look into the future, but what about the 34-year-old LeBron peak? Do the Lakers really think LeBron will not be old? What the Lakers need to do is use LeBron's last peak period to reach the championship, and that peak period can no longer be wasted. The Lakers' booster advantage is not as big as they think. The same speedboat in Los Angeles will guarantee a salary of $ 60 million next summer. The same salary can be paid. If Leonard is interested in going to Los Angeles, for who did not choose? Motor boats at least the core status is guaranteed.

The championship and the big names in the free agent market are a few distant unknowns: the Lakers still get tickets for the playoffs this season. If they do not understand the present, how about the future?

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