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The first episode of "Biography", "Yan Yu", Shu Shu is even worse! Killing Wu Jinyan and then stealing her husband – Zhongshi News

The "Yu Chuan", created by the original class of "Yanwei Raiders", was starring Nie Yuan and Wu Jinyan. The first episode was broadcast last night (19). I did not expect to get a strong drug in the beginning. "Shu Yu" Li Chunxi plays the role of Wu Jinyan's half sister, and her mother and mother have teamed up to deal with Wu Jinyan's mother and daughter. At first, Wu Jinyan did the first trick and witnessed his mother being drowned in the pit. Zhao's younger son, who is also young, is still married to his sister and his life collapses.

Li Jin, played by Wu Jinyan, was framed by his half sister and mother of Zhenggong and witnessed the death of his mother at the well. (Photo / Iqiyi Station Taiwan)

At the beginning of "Biography", he was arrested by his stepmother, "elegant and insulting." The maid was killed and he was tied to the stone and thrown into the pond. Fortunately, good-hearted people saved and returned a life. . She then went back into the house and witnessed her mother being drowned in the well, excited to fall to the ground and cry. She did not expect the stepmother to appear again, and was dragged by her aunt and sold to the traffickers.

Li Wei's only hope is that Zhao's son was designed to marry his sister. (Photo / Iqiyi Station Taiwan)

Although life is dark in the day, the mind is very clever, deliberately painting false scars on its face, pretending to be an ugly woman who is discouraged, trying to escape the fate of being bought and sold. At that time, Lv Weiwei, a businessman interpreted by Nie Yuan, saw the truth when he saw her and brought her home, discovered the origins, used hatred in her heart, made a deal and let the other party agree to do the things alone.

At the beginning of the first episode, I saw the return of Yan Yan's team, and many of the viewers were surprised. (Figure / Weibo flip)

In the first episode, the blood of the dog is sprinkled and the plot is fast, it is incredible that it is the work of Yu, who continues with the rhythm of "Yanlan Raiders" in the palace. Many fans have finished the 10 episodes of the day. Excited to know the story behind.

(China Times Bulletin)

Li Jin, played by Wu Jinyan, will be sold and then bought by Lu Weiwei. (Photo / Iqiyi Station Taiwan)

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