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Apple unveiled its fiscal year 2019 earnings report on Tuesday. Revenue from the non-iPhone category, net iPhone revenue, net earnings per share and financial results outperformed the market, boosted Apple's share price to climb. Put a heavy shot on the supply chain. In this regard, the new manufacture of Apple's iPhone will benefit manufacturers, but also caused curiosity, there are news that Apple will use micro-LED screen to reduce the dependence of Samsung OLED screen, should benefit the relevant factory supply chain of Taiwan.

According to the "New Technology News" quoted by foreign media, Apple will have this demand, mainly compared to the OLED screen, micro-LED screen has more advantages, longer life, display effect and high contrast are also better , however It takes a bit for the micro-LED screen to enter the marketing stage, so the manufacturer can first implement the replacement of mini-LED technology.

The mini-LED technology is considered a transitional product before the maturity of micro-LED technology Apple has high hopes for the future of its products Recently, it was pointed out that Apple intends to cooperate with Taiwan's supply chain to develop technology micro-LED. Apple values ​​the technology and hopes to reduce its dependence on the Samsung OLED screen. The iPhone X series for iPhone XS uses this screen, but this approach is not in line with Apple's style, which has two or three manufacturers, but Samsung is the only manufacturer on the OLED screen.

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