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As Hon Hai President Guo Taiming has announced that he wants to run for the elections, Han Fung is very anxious, and if South Korea's Yu participate in the election, he will also explain in the near future, but should pay attention in Kaohsiung. The audience feels. Li Minghao, who is also known as "Northern Drifting Hostess", was also revealed on Facebook. It is very sad that the Korean mayor was still returning to the message at 4 am yesterday, knowing that he always put Kaohsiung in your place. In order of priority.

Li Mingxi, who is known as the "Most Positive Female Host of the North", decided to invest in the primary election of the Fengshan District. She wrote on Facebook: "I did not respond to my FB powder message, and many Facebook friends expressed my firm determination to" non-Korean not vote. "She thinks Mayor Han is doing very well for him.After taking office, I will implement the push" out of the economy. "I am thinking about how Kaohsiung is improving. Focusing on Kaohsiung City is the best performance of" points political zero "!

Li Mingxi said: "It is really sad that the mayor was still coming back to the news at four in the morning, and I knew he always put Kaohsiung on his priorities." Unfortunately, the Party Central Committee is always out of tune with public opinion. The Kuomintang defeated the wrong appointment experience several times.

It shares another point: Kaohsiung will be reborn. Many policies must be coordinated by the president and the Yuan Legislature, such as the international airport, the free economic demonstration zone, the complete MRT line and the exclusive petrochemical zone. Therefore, "To save Kaohsiung and choose the president, would be a more reasonable list of teachers."

Li Mingxi said: "All those who want the mayor of ROK to choose to save Taiwan, I encourage them to continue to speak and continue to speak." The people's clamor will shake the skies until popular public opinion overcomes the distorted political ecology! I will respect the mayor of Han. Decide, in other words, I will support the mayor's decision and hope that all those who love him will do the same. "

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