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Shadow / see "play inter-party" Zhu Lilun: no complaints but I am not a Buddhist system | AV | NOWnews Today News

Former Taipei Mayor Zhu Lilun accepted an exclusive interview with Now News NOWnews. On the turbulence of the presidential primaries of the Kuomintang 2020, he frankly expressed his internal opinion on the outside world's belief that "the Kuomintang was facing" and stated that he actively fights for the exit of 2020. "The final vote is not him." What did he think?

In an exclusive interview, Zhu Lilun said that "there is no need to spend money on the party". This is a long-standing ridicule of the Kuomintang. It is also a kind of self-depreciation. "With a positive attitude, instead of having so much resentment, I think it best to say my ideas well." "There is a lot of dissatisfaction in my heart, and my life will not be It's better to talk more about ideas.Therefore, my Facebook has many policies to launch, no matter Sports, e-sports and old-fashioned, and different industrial policies are my insistence. "

For the Kuomintang presidential primaries, Zhu Lilun said that the Kuomintang had always sought the strongest candidate.2020 he hoped the Kuomintang would be in power and improve the Republic of China. That is his philosophy. Zhu Lilun said: "To become the strongest and become a candidate, this is my goal, but it is not necessarily the last thing I can not, but the party must choose the strongest candidate."

Zhu Lilun pointed out, "Now we are a good hand, better than a bad hand." This is a good thing, so everyone should be better than bad, let people know that the Kuomintang candidates are very good. Do not make money with each other, do not maliciously attack your own comrades, do not let your comrades get hurt, everyone should support each other, rise and rise, and finally produce the main investment and the main battle candidates representing our team. You can win. "

Former Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping. (Photo / office Wang Jinping provides)
Wang Jinping, the former chief of the court, once said that the national survey was "unfair." Zhu Lilun said he would have no complaints as soon as it was finalized. (Photo / office Wang Jinping provides)

For the former legislative Yuan, Wang Jinping once complained that "national research" is unfair? And what is the "procedural justice" defended by Zhu? Zhu Lilun said: "I'm not criticizing this practice, the primary selection method has not been finalized since the beginning of the year." The only thing I want is to finalize the case as quickly as possible. This is called procedural justice. " Earlier in the year, I was the first person to talk about adopting a full poll. At that time, I had different opinions and said that I would like to attend a certain percentage of party members. I also said okay, anyway, I have to do it as fast as possible. "" I have no complaints. .

The mayor of Kaohsiung, Korea Yu, was accused by Cai Zhengyuan of sponsoring 40 million yuan funded by President Wu Dunyi. Zhu Lilun believes there must be clear evidence to accuse others. "Korea Yu clearly stated that I believe in my own comrades and I believe in Korean Yu." "Zhu Lilun reminded:" Do not reach out. The primary election of the party is just a process. After the end, everyone will fight together. If the primary electoral process harms the comrades, it will hurt our own party. "" Although not very good. "Playing baseball, but now there are several good pitchers at the party, each with their own strengths. I said before that the Kuomintang you can not trust a person for the whole party, or even a person left in the whole party, and there is not half the audience, just do not let the audience see the internal struggles and guilt of the party, but look at the Kuomintang better. "This is like a team. In the face of adversity, everyone can work hard. That's what everyone should have. Mentality ".

At present, the Kaohsiung prefect of the Republic of Korea received a grant of 40 million dollars from Kuomintang President Wu Dunyi.Zhu Lilun stressed that he did not beat his own people.Of course, he believes that South Korea Yu said. (Photo / Kaohsiung City Government)

When speaking about "Guo Taiming wants to run for election, the Central Committee of the Party recognizes Guo's membership, South Korea has issued a five-point statement and the regular meeting will reach a consensus to help South Korea solve the problem . " Zhu Lilun said, "I am still an old saying, I have no complaints, but I am not a Buddhist system." "I absolutely dare to rush and dare to swear, but I do not complain so much about my own party." "I'm just cattle." The shed is difficult to practice and present their own ideas to make Taiwan better.

Zhu Lilun pointed out, "I always said that this is just a process. A political party is like a pelota. In the end, it will decide who will be the main vote." "If it's because of my job, it's me who can go play at any time!" Other excellent top players can also go to battle, this is my idea. "

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