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The surfer uploaded a large number of people surrounded by the father of the meat and went to the Facebook community to break the news. (Photo / Captured on Facebook fan page "Explosive Commune")
Luzhou father round meat beat his wife and children, causing public anger, even President Tsai Ing-wen is also concerned. (Figure / flip of the cover book)
The mother who was beaten by "Flesh Dad" cried, now I just want to take my son out of such an environment, and have a safe place to let the kids grow up! (provided by family members)

A 42-year-old Lin Nan of New Taipei City, because his 12-year-old son bought a meatball, "forgot to add spicy," infuriated his son on the floor, 40-year-old wife Li to dissuade and also was locked in the throat, the film was posted to the Facebook community After that, hundreds of people were surrounded by Lin's house. President Tsai Ing-wen paid close attention to this incident of domestic violence. Last night, "Introduction to Professor Cai" proposed two main predictions of domestic violence on Facebook. In addition to encouraging people not to have the misconceptions of " people do not care, "they should also play" Chi-Chi spirit "is brave enough to inform, so that the safety of each child is safer.

President Tsai Ing-wen wrote on Facebook: "Today, Professor Cai has two things to tell you! First, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, most reports of domestic violence are still police If you can pay attention to the pain and strangeness of your child, or discover the situation of suspected domestic violence, neglect and abuse, you should call immediately to 113. "The woman's spirit," plus a child can get help.

"Professor Cai" also said that the government is actively strengthening the social safety net. Last year, 14 regional social assistance centers were added. The total number of centers reached 134. "I know there are a lot of notifications and social security partners, it's really difficult." But in the future, more social welfare centers will be established. "We will continue to hire enough social workers to protect their children together because every child is important."

Chubby father's wife and father, the disappointment of Tsai Ing-wen …

Tsai Ing-wen finally said that every child is a baby, how can she be treated with violence? The sense of justice is very good, but the law enforcement job is still let the professional police come. Each of us can help because we have to play the "chicken spirit" to pay attention to the environment and inform courageously. She also stressed, "Government resources are limited, so please let us be the eyes of the government. We will protect children and young people who need help, as well as their families, in the social safety net."

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