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Today is the 25th anniversary of Xia Ying after the badminton world ball In fact, since the beginning of June, there have been friends who celebrated the ball after the ball Many fans sent small cards or gifts one after the other The powder of the BWF Facebook is Share a piece of the bright ball of the day's birthday, invite fans to bless the female magician on the badminton court.

The BWF chose this wonderful ball from the second All-British Open singles game of Dai Ziying, with eight years against Japanese Daxie, and Xiao Dai with 7: 5 from the front, and the next two went back and forth . After the shot, Daxiecai made a diagonal diagonal, Xiao Daifei rushed to save the ball. After the ball went up in the net, the big 堀 要 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲

The BWF powder administrator wrote under the film: "I wish you a happy birthday after the world ball! We use this magic blow to help Xiao Daisheng."

Dai Ziying also shared "Ying Fan (the name of Xiao Dai Fan)" in Instagram po by his creative and ingenious gift. She thanked everyone for her love and support. She received all kinds of intentions, and Praise the fans: "You're always hiding! You want to be full of surprises on your birthday ~~ Thank you." Finally, I also attached Demi's expression to express my gratitude.

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