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Eight Pacific senators Friends of the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands voted for the first president Hilda Heine last week, accusing Henny of insisting on the promotion of encrypted virtual currency despite opposition from the International Monetary Fund. As a fiduciary currency, Heine accused the opposition of cooperating with China and wanted to turn a remote atoll into the Marshall Islands into a "state in the middle of the country."

"Central News Agency" reported that President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Heinei, survived the crisis of mistrust in the vote initiated by opposition lawmakers in China and stabilized the administration. She emphasized that voting is a referendum on national politics and is determined to defend sovereignty.

According to the British Guardian report, Hani's opponents criticized Hani, despite opposition at home and abroad, in February this year announced that the issue of virtual currency (sovereign, referred to as Sov) as the country's legal currency , as the first after the dollar Two legal contests will undermine the national finances. Sov plans to launch by an Israeli startup, but according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the company "has little experience in the financial sector."

The CCN report also pointed out that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that when the Marshall Islands proposed the plan in May, the International Monetary Fund also publicly expressed concern that the currency would be manipulated by criminal groups and companies and worried. If the country promotes national crypto-currencies, many countries may cut the current financial assistance to the Marshall Islands.

However, Heine refuted this claim by refuting its theoretical basis and accusing China of controlling the opposition party in the Marshall Islands.

In his "New Zealand Radio", Henny pointed out that his senator, who is leaving office, is closely related to Chinese businessman Cary Yan. Yan Kairui hopes to get the Marshall Islands' Rongelap Atoll in the hope of local autonomy and complete tax exemption to attract high-tech operators to establish themselves and become a tax haven for foreigners, but the Heiney government can cause money and traffic. Passports and other issues, rejecting the proposal and criticizing such a proposal, will turn the Langlap atoll into China's "state of the country" and will affect Marshall's independence.

The vote of suspicion was held on the 12th, and took 17 votes to influence Heine's administration. The result of the vote was from 16 to 16. The 32 members of the 33 members present voted, one of whom was treated off the island. I survived the case of lack of confidence.

Henny and several Cabinet ministers spent 45 minutes answering several issues raised by the opposition to cast a vote of distrust, emphasizing: "This vote is really a referendum on our own policy."

"We must be aware of Marshall's geopolitics in the Pacific. I think the government must do its part to secure Pacific sovereignty." Heiney said in a recent interview with Radio New Zealand that as China strengthens its influence on the Pacific islands, The Marshal must maintain independence.

"We are a small country." External factors can easily affect individuals, so I think we should educate the public as much as possible and share information with them to cultivate their autonomy. "

The Marshall Islands are located in the North Pacific Ocean and, after 40 years of custody in the United States, declared their independence in 1986. The official currency is the US dollar. On the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Marshall Islands and the Republic of China, Heiney visited Taiwan in July of this year and witnessed the letter between Foreign Minister Wu Hao and Marshall Foreign Minister John M. Silk. And the "sea patrol cooperation agreement".

The Free Times reported that China has spread billions of dollars in the local area to expand its influence in the Pacific. In terms of geopolitics, the Marshall Islands are between Australia and the United States and Hawaii. In 1986, the United States signed the "Free Joint Agreement" and gained independent sovereignty. However, the defense and defense budget still relies heavily of the United States, the Langlap Atoll is especially close. It is not difficult to imagine China's unrest in the United States, which carried out more than 20 atomic bombs and hydrogen bomb tests between 1946 and 1958.

The case of the "Rangrapu Atoll Special Administrative Region" (RASAR) is owned by Chinese businessman Cary Yan, who is a Malaysian citizen and in April this year was with former Malaysian President Kessai Note, the president of the National Assembly Kenneth Kedi and Langlap. The mayor and others made a concerted effort in Hong Kong and argued that the Langrap Atoll took advantage of Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" experience to establish the world's first fully independent, completely tax-free and fully open zone.

According to "Central Radio Station", since 2011, China has provided $ 1.3 billion in preferential loans and Lido in the Pacific region, making it the second largest contributor to the Pacific after Australia. Concerns from the outside world, many island countries may accumulate too much debt in Beijing and ultimately can not afford.

To offset China's expansion in the Pacific, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that Australia would provide up to $ 2.18 billion in subsidies and low-interest loans from the Pacific countries to invest in telecommunications and energy in the countries the Pacific. , transport projects and water resources, and strengthen joint defense and security relations with Pacific Island countries through joint exercises and training.

Although Morrison did not mention China in the conversation, Jonathan Pryke, an expert on foreign policy in the Pacific Islands at the Australian institute "Lowy Institute for International Policy", believes that this is Australia's way of reacting to China. "Australia needs more means to consolidate the Pacific."

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