Monday , October 18 2021

Recapture London! The release date of "Watchdog Freedom Corps" confirms that the whole city is its role | 4Gamers


Ubisoft held a press conference before the E3 2019 show, and launched a new work, Watch Dogs Legion, because you are not alone, the whole city is your operational role!

The Watchdog Freedom Corps is scheduled to be released on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms on March 6. The official website has been opened for reservation, and benefits are available on day 3.

When London is dominated by corrupt opportunists, it is everyone who wants to reclaim the city. Reclaim your future! Recapture your future ~

In the past, the "guard dog" series is usually a protagonist from the beginning to the "busy" to the end, this time to recapture the city of London, everyone, all Londoners are together, everyone has their own strength, all are caught His own strength, including …..

Getting up to join the battle is a murderous ex-wife who looks like an old lady and is physically very human!

Just as players can use various characters, the Watchdog Free Legion contains a rich London look, from Piccadilly Circle, Scotland Yard, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Carmenton Market, Tower Bridge and many other London attractions. . Meet different people, recruit new agents and become your strength.

This time we announced the first advertising video, plus the actual machine demo video. In addition to seeing this work throughout the Greater London area (as the blessing of "Assassin's Dogs and Heroes"), this main enemy includes active attacks of the enemy. Drone, of course! We also have multifunctional drones to deal with.

As in the past, the world of Watchdogs is full of NPCs with different identities. Currently, their personal experience will become their ability and attack attributes, so as to make differences and increase gameplay.

The Watchdog Freedom Corps will go on sale March 6, 2020, and next spring will be a busy season.

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