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Apple's official website has new products for three days.The original estimate of foreign media is the iPod Touch.The result was unexpectedly the AirPods wireless headset. Replace with the new H1 headset chip and add the setting of the wireless charging box as rumors.

The new AirPods nomenclature is a direct replacement for the first generation, and no information like 2 or New is added. The Apple H1, which designed the previous generation's internal chip from the W1 to the replacement headset, has a faster and more stable wireless connection between devices. Apple claims that the speed is up to 2 times and the connection speed of the call is 1.5. And it can reduce the delay of sound by up to 30% during the game.

The biggest selling point of the H1 is to support the "Hey Siri" function. Simply call "嘿 Siri" and you can start Apple's voice assistant immediately. In addition, according to the official introduction, the H1 chip can detect whether the handset is worn or not. According to the user's current usage situation, music and microphone are turned on and off, and background noise may be filtered.

In addition, Apple also introduced a wireless charging box and supports the first generation of headphone products. In terms of charging speed, the AirPods is packed with 5 hours of music and 3 hours of talk, and the charging box offers more than 24 hours of music. It also supports 15 minutes of fast loading, although it has not been claimed by foreign media, it can be filled in 15 minutes but can provide 3 hours of music listening.

According to information from the official website, the price of single-box sales charge is 2690 yuan.For the AirPods and the general charging box, it is 5,290 yuan, which is 200 yuan cheaper than the previous generation. If you buy it with a wireless charging box, it is 6,490 yuan. Like the iPad, Taiwan is not the first country to sell, so the official website has not yet been able to place orders.

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