Nearly a thousand people come to Taiwan on the other side of the bank, and the MAC reiterates that it will be strictly scrutinized and blocked – ETtoday News Cloud


Nearly a thousand people came to Taiwan from the other side of the bank, the MAC reaffirmed the strict review and the fight against the united front.

In response to foreign doubts, strict government scrutiny of mainland officials visiting Taiwan will only make the cross-strait standoff more serious. In this regard, the Vice President of the Mainland Affairs Council, Qiu Chengzheng once again publicly clarified. He said the government only carries out strict judgments against high-ranking officials on the continent who have specific purposes in Taiwan. Last year, for example, senior officials were just under a thousand people. Compared with 2.7 million customers on land, only a small number of people have resorted to the outside world. . "More details …"


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